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Gypsy Moth: the offense

In late summer 2020 many people remarked on how the canopy of trees was being eaten away by gypsy moths.  Some tried to swat & capture the moths; and before that there was effort to trap  the caterpillars on tree trunks.  As we start to have warmer temperatures it is now the time to scrape off the eggs which have been laid on the tree trunks by last year’s moths.  The photos to the left are what the eggs look like now.  A King City resident, Bill Patterson, published an article published in King Weekly Sentinel with the full story on the cycle of these moths; and very importantly how anyone can help to reduce the infestation this year and the damage to our trees.  As he reports oak trees are the favoured diet but few tree species are truly protected.  Once the eggs hatch it is too late. Here is  his article.


Refreshed Community Improvement Plan

On Council March 29 agenda there is the proposed  refreshed Community Improvement Plan (CIP).  As expressed earlier when the draft was presented to Council in February I believe the CIP is “good” for King and I am very pleased with its evolution in terms of increasing the eligibility for grants.  As indicated in the report the fundamental motivation is to incent property and business owners to make changes to foster growth.  Appropriately the focus has been and continues to be on the village cores; but in the refreshed CIP there is recognition that there is economic activity outside the village cores both in the hamlets and at farms throughout the Township.    Its also recognized that heritage properties within the village cores contribute to the attractiveness of those cores and accordingly grant eligibility should extend to them.  I am impressed with the precinct concept; once a property owner understand which precinct they are it is pretty easy to determine which grants are available and the details. I am also very impressed with the speed with which this has been done as our small business have been so seriously affected by the pandemic; and I note that some portion of the grants is for projects to make improvements to address safe safe social/physical distancing measures.  To access the Staff report and all the appendices click here and scroll down to 7.1. 

As the meeting is being conducted virtually it is necessary to register to make a deputation; alternatively you can send an email.  To register or to email your questions and comments do so at [email protected] by March 29 noon.

COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic

On Council March 29 agenda there is a report recommending Council support for creation of a vaccination clinic at the Trisan Centre.  I am thrilled that the prework has been done to enable it to be opened as early as April 6 or 12 pending vaccine supply.  As reviewed running this clinic will not cost the Township but indeed there have been some difficult choices made.  Summer ice at Trisan or the other arenas will not be offered and the Nobleton pool will not be opened. Service levels at some of the sports fields will be reduced; other recreational programming will be limited.  I appreciate that these cuts in service will be very much missed by the users given the lack of programming for the last 12 months. I am hopeful that our clinic will play a role in increasing the uptake of the vaccines as this is critical for moving into a new normal.  As noted in the report there will be a role for volunteers; I will be asking on Monday about the process for volunteering.  To access the report, the floor plan for Trisan clinic and the bylaw click here and scroll down to 7.9.

As the meeting is being conducted virtually it is necessary to register to make a deputation; alternatively you can send an email.  To register or to email your questions and comments do so at [email protected] by March 29 noon.

413 Resolution on Hwy 413

On March 29 Council agenda there is my proposed resolution regarding King Township’s position on the GTA West Corridor, i.e. the 413.  I am proposing that King Township i) withdraw its previously expressed support for a corridor,  ii) oppose any and all advance construction for it and iii) support the request for a Federal Environmental Assessment.  Since its first emergence as a solution to congestion I have challenged it as not solving the stated problem.  I have also believed that there were alternatives and most importantly the true societal costs were too great:  destruction of natural heritage features and farmland.  In the last couple years I have realized one other important issue: not only will natural heritage features and farmland be destroyed land will be opened for sprawl development.  Some of my Council colleagues have not shared my perspectives in past; I am hopeful that the recent attention to the serious negative impact on 413 has given my colleagues new information and that they will endorse my resolution. Many residents throughout the Township have written letters and participated in protests during the last couple years to raise awareness.  It looks like these efforts are paying off:  in last couple months numerous municipalities have either renewed (more…)

Your 15 minute neighbourhood

York Region is developing new Regional Official Plan and is seeking your input about communities.  Complete communities are walkable, well-connected neighbourhoods where you can access your favourite bakery, coffee shop, restaurant, local park and daily needs within a 15-minute walk from home.  YR is interested to know what places or amenities you would like to walk or cycle to in your neighbourhood. Your response will help York Region plan for diverse needs in existing and new communities. Feedback will assist in the development of a complete community assessment tool and may also help to inform the Regional Official Plan Update. Please provide your input to the survey by March 26.

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