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Debt Policy

On April 26 Council agenda there is a report proposing a new debt policy for the Township which defines how the Township decides to take on debt, what the criteria is for such a decision.    I am very pleased that such a policy is being proposed.  As we make decisions on projects requiring capital it is not adequate to simply say “no, we can’t take on new debt” or for anyone to advocate for taking on debt; those decisions should be made by considering the same criteria each time.  The policy includes identification of eligible capital projects; one category is for projects that provide future cost savings or cost avoidance.  I believe that opportunity for climate change action should be added.  As reviewed in the report King’s debt, as defined as a % of annual revenues less debt servicing costs & long term financial obligations, is 4.88% which is far less than the 25% permitted by the Province. It is recommended that the debt ceiling for King should be 10%.  The report reviews the origins of our current debt of $20 million.  Note:   all decisions to take on new debt is a Council decision based on recommendation from Treasurer.

To read both the report and the policy go to meeting agenda and scroll down.  To register for verbal deputations and/or emailed deputations contact [email protected] by noon Monday April 26.

Comfortable Home Without Fossil Fuels

Are you interested in efficiency? Looking for more sustainable methods to heat your home? For a long time, options for heating your home in Ontario consisted of natural gas, propane, baseboard electric or even wood. Climate Action King (CAK) is hosting a new webinar series on the alternative: cold climate air source heat& cooling pumps. CAK’s previous series on electric cars received enthusiastic postive feedback.  This new series will be same format:  1/2 hour presentation and then questions & answers.

Climate aCtion King is a relatively new citizens group in King Township of which I am a founding member.  We want to inspire our community to take action to respond to climate change.

ASK Studio Tour

One of my favourite annual event is the ASK Studio Tour.  Unfortunately the urgent necessity of stopping the spread of COVID means that we can’t go to the studios but we can still see the art.  We can purchase a piece for that bare wall, or perhaps a new piece to replace the one you have been looking at for 14 months as you work remotely!  Or, we can purchase a beautiful shawl or basket.  The virtual tour officially opens April 11 although it has been open for previews already for a couple weeks.

What is the Story Behind That Photo?

Do you like to tell stories?  Are you inspired to make up a story when you see a painting?  If so, I think you will be interested in this ASK event:  timeless tales writing contest.  Seven intriguing images from King’s past are waiting for York Region writers of all ages to tell it like it wasn’t. Pick one, and let your imagination go wild. The best of the best in each of 4 age categories, from children to adults, will be awarded prizes.   Here are all the details and all historic photos.  Entries can be submitted up till May 31st.

King Community Clean-Up

Its wonderful spring and it is time to clean up the public areas of our beautiful King:  the streets and paths you enjoy walking on, the parks and the roads.  As always, we each need to be careful as we do the clean up, particularly when picking up garbage on streets and roads; and of course this year we need to practise social distancing and to wear masks if working with others.  Township will have clean-up kits for pick up at 4 locations on Friday April 23rd; and Township will pick up your garbage filled bags at the location you register on Monday April 26.  Here are all the details:  where to pick up supplies and where to register for garbage pick up.  

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