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Thanksgiving Greetings


Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers.  It is a challenging time for all of us. But, I do believe that we each have a long list for which we can give gratitude.   At the top of my list is the following:  I am profoundly grateful to be living where I am.  I am reminded of the impact of this every day as I see the response to the pandemic from the various jurisdications who regulate my life and I see the continued generosity of people and the care being shown to others. I wish for all a safe and happy weekend.

Greenbelt is Protected Again

Further to my post Request To Open Up the Greenbelt! about a report to be debated at York Region on October 8th.  After some debate a majority of Council voted to approve the recommendations which were somewhat amended.  This was clearly very disappointing.  But…very quickly there was a response from the Province to the requests and the answer was a firm “no.” Specifically the following was said by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing when asked about York Region’s intent to ask for a process to enable future approval to develop lands in the Greenbelt: Speaker, and I can tell the members of the House and every head of council and every councillor in every community across Ontario that if you’re going to give us a request to develop property within the greenbelt, we have one short answer: No.   Evidently York Region Council  was not influenced by the >200 letters sent in expressing opposition to the recommendations; but, the Province had heard and remembered other instances when  Ontarians expressed loudly that the Greenbelt is valued and loved.  I want to thank all of those who did express opposition with either personal letters or signing petitions etc.  This was a very good reminder of the need to be vigilant in protecting what we value.  Decisions are made regularly on important issues which challenge the status quo;  there is a need to be an active, engaged stewards and be ready to take action when it appears to be going in the wrong way. We will need to do so again for sure when there will be opportunity to modify the Greenbelt Plan in2025, the next scheduled review.

Request To Open Up the Greenbelt!

York Region is considering opening up the Greenbelt to allow water and wastewater to settlement areas as well as employment areas along the 400 series highway and are asking the Province to open up the Greenbelt.   YR Planning and Economic Development have proposed this in a report for the Council’s Committee of the Whole  meeting Thursday, Oct. 8 at 9 AM.  I am opposed to this; here is a letter I have written to the Council which addresses the issue of opening up the Greenbelt for employment areas along the 400.  A press release by 12 environmental groups summarizes why this is very wrong:  unnecessary as there is significant lands zoned and waiting for development; some of the targeted land is already “employment land” as it is being farmed; extending sewers for employment is sprawl and enable more sprawl.  To make your opposition known you can send a letter to the York Region Council by noon Wed. Oct 7; mail to [email protected]  ( I do regret that I wasn’t able to do this post sooner.) The meeting is live streamed and you can watch it here. 

Sip & Savour October 22nd: supporting our foodbank

One of our great community events in October is the King Township Sip & Savour.  This year you can still participate:  some delicious treats will be delivered to your door to enjoy safely with those in your bubble; and you can join your community  for a live presentation and the raffle draw.  Buy your tickets for a different evening at home and support the King Township Foodbank.



Impact on services offered by the municipality keeps changing; remember to check in at the COVID information hub for the latest.


And don’t forget that we are so fortunate in King to have easy quick access to wonderful trails.  Given the restrictions we are all coping with, the trails offer an opportunity to do an activity with family and friends safely.   Here is map to all the trails in King. 

This week I revisited the Goldie Feldmann Nature Reserve and had the pleasure to introduce it to a friend who lives here but was not aware of it.  To find it on the map above go west on the 17th off Weston Road.