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Longterm thinking: masterplan for Community Services

Right now our attention span is understandably very short term in nature:  what can we do now and what new activities will be deemed safe next week.  But, there is need for some longterm thinking:  Parks Recreation & Culture is working on its master plan for Community Services and your input is important and critical.  Master Plans guide decisions on resources (capital spending, programs, people) for the next 5-10 years.  What programs, what services do you want to see in King to enable you & your family to have the quality of life you want. Please take the survey; and provide ideas.  Also, please ask your neighbours & friends to do so. Visit to do so.



Curbside Pick Up at our Libraries

Curbside pick-up at the King libraries is beginning June 8th.  Here is how to once again access all the materials at our libraries.

Explore the trails without picking up a Blacklegged Tick

With the arrival of the warmer weather we are all out doors far more often.  And given the restrictions of our activities because of the pandemic exploring the many trails in King is even more popular.  The King trail map is a valuable tool for finding new ones.  Its iomportant to be properly dressed when on the trails as it is the season for blacklegged  ticks which can cause lyme disease and they are active in York Region.  You can be safe on the trails by wearing closed shoes and tucking your pants into your socks.  See here for more information from YR about protection.  


Recreational Facilities: what’s open

Opening up access to Township recreational facilities and assets is starting.  Signage is being posted at the facilities being opened up with details on how to use so that risk of COVID-19 transmission is minimized. At this time organized activities, such as a soccer game or a club hosted tennis match are not permitted; use is restricted to groups of 5 or less and there needs to be physcial distancing of 2 meters. For full summary of what is now open, as of June 1, see below.

Lloydtown Aurora Rd Bridge across 400 Update

Work to replace the Lloydtown Aurora bridge crossing the 400 continues.  May 31 11pm to Thursday, June 11 at 5 AM the southbound off ramp to the Lloydtown Aurora Road will be closed.