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Council Remuneration and Expenses

On Council March 8 agenda there is the annual report of Council remuneration and expenses.  To see the report and the details go to agenda page and scroll down.  

Community Improvement Plan

On March 1 Council agenda there is the draft for a revised Community Improvement Plan (CIP),  a tool that allows municipalities to provide incentive based programs such as  grants to stimulate and support private sector investment and revitalization within defined geographical project areas. Our current CIP, inplace for 6 years, is focused on the cores of our 3 villages.  As reviewed in the report the CIP has been successful.  For every Township $1 private sector spent $13.50 in 2018-2020.  The revised plan proposes to make eligible certain properties across the whole township for various incentives.Conditions for eligibility include location (there are 5 “precincts” e.g. village core or hamlet commercial) and kind of project (there are 8 different ones e.g. facade, property improvement.)  It’s appropriate that we  continue to focus on the village cores  and its worthwhile to acknowledge that the “vibe” of our cores is created by more than the commercial enterprises; hence, opening eligibility to historic properties in the core does have merit.   I am very pleased with the expansion of eligible areas; enterprises which make King special and are in our hamlets or in rural areas will be eligible for CIP’s.   This is a draft plan.  I do have some feedback; please provide yours with either a deputation or an email.


New Business in King City Core

On March 1 there is statutory public meeting for rezoning a property on Keele north of King Road to enable establishment of a retail store and an office.  The proposal is entirely consistent with our new approved Official Plan (OP):  it is the kind of retail we want to have in the core of King City; and it repurposes one of the original houses in the village.  As reviewed in the report this rezoning is required as our new OP is not in force because of appeals;  under the new OP this property would be in the core of King City but at this point it not and is zoned for residential.   The report mentions a “commercial parking area” at the rear; I am not sure what that means and will be asking a question.  The proposed new business “Molly’s Market” sounds like a good fit for King.  As the meeting is being conducted virtually it is necessary to register to make a deputation; alternatively you can send an email.  To register or to email your questions and comments do so at [email protected] by March 1 noon. To read the report and access the appendices see the agenda.

Janeking and King Hill

On March 1 there is the statutory public meeting for applications for 3 parcels in the area south east of King Road  and Jane; except for those who are very cognizant of planning processes this can be confusing.  I think the staff report does a pretty good job in explaining what is being considered.  1.  As reviewed the parcel, called King Hill,  (which was once owned by Magna) is still zoned for a variety of low-rise, low density offices or industrial buidlings with some limited commercial uses.  And its indicated that a previous request to convert some of these lands to residential has been withdrawn.  2.  South of King Hill there is a development proposal to build a variety of residential uses including single detached, townhouses and lifestyle units geared towards Seniors.  No decisions are made at a statutory public meeting; rather, its an opportunity for the public to identify concerns concerns, ask questions.  As the meeting is being conducted virtually it is necessary to register to make a deputation; alternatively you can send (more…)

Thinking About An Electric Car Purchase?

This Wednesday, 2/24, is the second in a series about electric cars hosted by Climate Action King.  If you are wondering about the wisdom of purchasing one tune in at 7PM.  For registration go to