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Development on Keele: info meeting Wednesday

Wednesday, Oct. 23 6-9PM there is a public information meeting about the development proposed for Keele St south of King Road where there has been bright blue hoarding along the sidewalk for several years.  This is your opportunity to see the plans, both what it is going to be built there and how it will look; to learn where residents in the apartments will park, where shoppers of the retail will park.  This is where you can talk informally with the builder and provide feedback.  In a short while there will be a public meeting at Council.  Here is the notice and some information. 


Model Home application

At Oct. 21 Council meeting there is a public meeting for a zoning bylaw amendment to permit a model home being installed at Carmichael and Keele Road.  If you wish to comment, ask questions there is no need to register ahead of time.

Additional Parking

Staff report at Oct. 21 Council recommends  a contractor to execute plans for additional parking at both the Municipal Centre and the Heritage & Cultural Centre.  As the need for expanding the parking at the former has been well demonstrated I think everyone will be happy to see the contract being made.  Unfortunately I believe some trees will need to be cut down to create the space at the Municipal Centre.  At our Council meeting I will confirm this, and if so will also inquire about tree replacement/compensation.

CDS: expansion and protection of heritage

Monday November 4th there will be a public meeting to address a zoning bylaw amendment application by Country Day School.  I am very interested in the plan as it involves the original school house of CDS; and I am happy to see that the old school is being very respected as CDS plans for expansion.  Here is more information.



Advance Voting Has Begun!

Advance voting for the Federal election has started.  Runs every day 9-9 for four days:  Friday, Oct. 11 through to and including Monday, Oct. 14.  If you are informed and know for whom you want to vote why not do so this weekend to avoid the rush on Oct. 21?  If you are still in research mode you may be interested to view the videos of the 2 debates which Concerned Citizens of King Township hosted; at time of writing the video for the Oct. 19 was uploaded and available for viewing.  I anticipate they will upload the second one held Oct. 10.  As noted on the CCKT website not all candidates participated in the events.