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Policy and Bylaw for Road Occupancy

On June 28th council agenda there is a report recommending a permit process for road occupancy related to special events such as parades or an art fair on the street.  Because of the pandemic restrictions there have not been such events in King for nearly two years but it’s entirely reasonable to assume that groups will want to initiate in the future.As reviewed in the report the policy is largely a documentation of procedures which have been followed in the last couple years as opposed to new ones. When I read such reports and the draft bylaw including various costs I have conflicting emotional responses. I regret that the world is not as safe and simple as it once which necessitates paid police when roads are being closed and higher insurance premiums. But I also immediately acknowledge that I am satisfied that the reality of risks needs to be addressed and that the Township is being proactive.  I am also pleased to see that Township staff just doesn’t duplicate what other municipalities do but rather they (more…)

Sustainability Plan Refresh

There are two one hour session when Staff will present the “refreshed” Community Sustainability Plan.  The crrent one was approved by Council 2012.  Since then there have been accomplishments and progress and some actions have been dormant or at least have not merited attention.  Its time to set new goals reflecting where are today and where want to be.  The vision isn’t changing.  Here is where you can register to attend either of the sessions on Thursday, June 24th at either 12:30 or 6:30 pm. He ite ope you can make it as Sustainability Advisory Committee (8 residents and/or business owners), 3 members of Council and Staff want you to see it and to hear from you.

Phasing Out Gas Fired Generators

Presumably in response to the more than 30 municipalities in Ontario (where >50% of Ontarians live)  making  requests to the Province to phase out gas fired generators the IESO (Independent Electricity Supply Operator) has launched a consultation on this. On June 24 9:00-11:00 AM there is an engagement webinar to which the public is invited. Reason for attending is to learn more about the current supply mix for electricity in Ontario. Stakeholders have been invited over the last month to submit questions and comments.  You can read here the feedback that I have submitted as an individual.


Innovation Hub and Living Lab

I am very much looking forward to the presentation at the beginning of the June 14 Council meeting about the Kingbridge  Innovation Hub and Living Lab. It will be given by Prashant Pathak,the Chair of the Kingbridge Centre and Karen Dubeau Executive Director. In the June 10th issue of the King Weekly Sentinel  there is an article providing some insight into this new initiative in King.  I really recommend tuning in for this.

2022 budget

On June 14th Council agenda there is a staff report recommending directions and timelines for preparation of the 2022 budget. It’s recommended that the increase in tax levy will be no more then 3.2% and that staff will work to identify opportunities to reduce the increase to close to 0%. This aggressive goal does reflect what council has already indicated as a desire in response to the financial hardship of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s worthwhile to recall that there was a similar desire for 2021 and that indeed zero percent was achieved by delaying some capital programs and program changes; in (more…)