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Oct 10, 2022 | Debbie in the Community, Miscellaneous, The Issues | 4 comments

It’s now two weeks until October 24, the Election Day for municipalities in Ontario. The first day of advanced voting in King occurred on Saturday and I am delighted to hear that more than 300 persons  visited. You can see here for all the advance voting days over the next two weeks; many of them are at the municipal centre which certainly makes it very easy for the majority of Ward 5 voters.

I have door knocked at well over 80% of the voters in ward 5 and will continue to do so with hopes of reaching every door. Obviously not everyone is home or if at home able to have a conversation right then but there have been some good conversations.   I have heard complaints about services and requests for new services including the following:

Traffic complaints:  Frustration that speeding complaints have not resulted in traffic calming and that stop signs on the local roads are not obeyed

Variances approved at the Committee of Adjustment are too generous in terms of proponents’ applications

Sidewalk winter clearance is careless and often damages front yards

Windrow clearance should be provided

End of fall season leaf clean-up should be provided i.e. property owners push leaves to the curb and Township service comes along and sucks them up.

Urban local roads, particularly those without sidewalks, are too dark as street lights are too infrequent

Water bills seem high high

Property tax is high and there is worry about future years as Township increases have been low in last 5 years

My responses vary.  Sometimes I am able to provide some relevant background and even answers.  But most often I document the point and say that I will investigate to see what can be done and will review with Staff.  For the traffic complaints, petitions will be initiated for the different areas and I will monitor to ensure there is action.

And there has also been a lot of very positive feedback which has reinforced my belief that I am making a contribution and that I am serving my constituents well.  Frequently I have heard acknowledgment that my practice of quick response and follow up is much appreciated.

I have enjoyed being able to tell people directly, in person, about the enhancements coming to Kettle Lake Park, the play structures coming to the Kingview neighbourhood, the road reconstruction project in Kettleby and the steps underway to achieve GO train whistle cessation.

I have not identified all the issues raised nor all the positive feedback; but I have provided enough, I hope, to illustrate why I sincerely consider the hours spent door knocking is worthwhile.

To remind you why I am seeking re-election you can read here the comments I posted on this blog at the beginning of the election campaign.   What I have heard during the last several weeks reinforces completely what I said then.



  1. Angela Rose

    If I were in your Ward, I’d vote for you, Deb. Much of my information about the Township comes via the email with your regular and informative e-blasts. You are a principled, thoughtful, smart, balanced Councillor and we are lucky to have you.

    • Debbie

      I appreciate your comments Angela.

  2. Gloria Marsh

    People have complained a great deal about windrow clearing in Richmond Hill. Costs a fortunate but there could be a middle way by providing for seniors or people with a health issues.

    • Debbie

      I do recall that windrow clearing does cost a lot. In King we do offer windrow clearing for seniors and have done so for many years.


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