Emergency Management Plan

Mar 18, 2023 | Debbie in the Community, Policies, Masterplans | 2 comments

On Monday, March 20 council agenda there is a staff report presenting the updated Emergency Management Program and Emergency Plan.  Hopefully many people think about an emergency plan if there was a fire at their own house but I doubt that there are many who think about how they would manage  if there was an emergency in their community.  As very evident in the plan presented here, municipal staff have carefully assessed the hazards and risks which would threaten our safety, our environment, our property and our economy.  The plan is lengthy and detailed.  I encourage you to tune into the working session at 5 pm on March 20 where there will be a presentation.

I am interested in your comments.  Please email questions and comments to [email protected] prior to noon March 20 and such will be shared with Council and/or register to make a deputation by noon.


  1. Mike


    Being that I have some experience in this field, I have to say the plan looks to be be very detailed

    I do note that I did not see that the town had a stock pile of supplies for potential emergencies particularly when resident volunteers would be used

    For example in a flooding scenario: sandbags come to mind, bagging equipment, do we have sand? Noting in 2019 sandbags in particular were in short supply.

    I also note I do not see any key infrastructure identified. Water or electricity nodes, municipal infrastructure and the like,

    Just some thoughts….

    • Debbie

      Hi Mike, I apologize for not responding in a more timely manner. You have raised some good points; I am going to have a follow up conversation with Staff.


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