King City East: not building quickly

Sep 22, 2022 | Budget, Developments | 0 comments

On September 26 Council agenda there is a staff report recommending that the request by the owners of three of the subdivisions within the King City East Development for an extension of  the draft plan approval lapsing provisions be granted.  As reviewed  there has been a rigorous review by legal and finance to ensure that there is no financial risk in terms of the MCFA contributions. Accordingly it seems appropriate to approve the request although I question why it should be for a full year.  And I must point out that this  is a good example of how it is the developers which are not building the required new housing fast enough and it is not the municipality which is slowing down the process.  If you wish to comment on this report you can register to make a deputation to Council by registering at [email protected] by noon on Sept. 26.  Alternatively you can send in comments or questions to [email protected] and your email will be circulated to Council and relevant Staff members.


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