Neighbourhood Plans

May 25, 2024 | Developments, Policies, Masterplans | 0 comments

On May 27 Council agenda there is a staff report about creating Neighbourhood Plans for two areas: one in King City called Doctors Lane and one in Nobleton called Old King Rd. As reviewed this report’s purpose is to get Council direction to prepare conceptual neighborhood plans for each of the study areas based on the community input received through the April 2024 public consultation sessions. In the report there are summaries of the current context (i.e. what is there now and what is the current zoning) and summaries of ideas heard during the public consultations.  Key themes have been identified.   As indicated pending Council giving direction to proceed, Staff will initiate further consultations and development of the conceptual plans.

I do have some questions about the approval process but overall I am comfortable.  The community planning permit system (CPPS) is a new tool for King; it combines zoning bylaw, minor variance and site plan applications into one single application approval process. Given that we want to influence, very specifically ,what kind of development we want to see occurring in the study area I think the CPPS tool is appropriate. If you have not engaged in this project yet I suggest you look at the project page on SPEAKING.

I want to thank all those who attended the consultation sessions in April.  I hope you will continue to be involved.  And if you missed the April ones you can certainly come to the next round.

As always you can participate in the Council and make a deputation on this report in person or virtually.  For details on how to do please see Council agenda. Or you can send an email to by Monday noon with your comments, questions.


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