New Townhouses on King Road

Sep 2, 2022 | Developments, The Issues | 0 comments

Tuesday, September 6 is the statatutory public meeting to enable the development of a block at 1986,2000 and 2008 King Road with 26  conventional townhouses in freehold common element condominium units.  As said in earlier post we have seen applications earlier for this property under two separate owners who each had different concepts.  To my mind this type of dwelling is entirely appropriate for this location:  adjacent to library, walkable distance to 3 schools and shopping and on a bus route.  I will be asking if there is consideration of accessibility needs (e.g. can elevator be installed).  In the staff report there is no insight as to consideration of green building standards.  The proposed architectural design is in similar style as to what we have on King Road already, the Zancor development.  I am disappointed given the modern architecture next door at the library and a couple months ago we approved a new building for daycare with a very bold modern design.  But there is more important basis for my concern about the architectural style: I question its ability to deliver substantial energy conservation beyond building code; and I doubt it will accomodate installation of solar panel if future property owner desired to do so.  I welcome the opportunity of the meeting to ask questions.  Here is staff report.

As always at a statutory public meeting no decisions are made.  Council will refer report to Staff.  If you would like to make a deputation  contact [email protected] by Tuesday noon to register.  Alternatively you can send your questions and comments to [email protected]; the Clerk will then distribute to Council and Planning Staff.  You can view the meeting virtually.


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