Forestbrooks Hills subdivision in Schomberg

In November 30 Council there is a report recommending approval of a draft plan subdivision and the zoning bylaw for Forest Hills in Schomberg.  This is phase 2 of what has already been built on Roselean Drive.  As reviewed there has been significant public consultation prior to this stage.  As earlier today (i.e. just before reading this report) I attended a public information meeting about stormwater management I have paid particular attention to the discussion points in the report about LID (low impact development) measures being used in this project.  I am also particularly interested in the protection of  natural heritage of the site as it is of signficance:  woodlands, Schomberg River and wetlands.  Am glad to see that our Active Transportation Strategy is influencing the design.  I will be asking some question about the LID (more…)

Driveway widths and Road Occupancy & Closures

On Council agenda there is a report reviewing proposed new bylaw covering the issues of driveways and the periodic requests for road closures or occupancy.  As I read through the report, particularly the sections dealing with requests to build new driveways I found myself shaking my head in disbelief as to how confusing such an effort is both right now and has been for a number of years.  Cleaning up this confusion is long overdue; glad to see that it has been tackled by the various departments involved.

Stormwater Management Masterplan

Friday, November 27 12noon-1 pm is the first step in public consultation (PIC)for the above.  This masterplan sets out the requirements for managing stormwater in existing settlement areas and other defined in the study area.  The latter includes the 3 villages and 7 hamlets.  There will be another PIC later in winter;  final report targeted for spring 2021.  As this PIC will be virtual it is necessary to register to participate at [email protected]  Here is the project page with some more information.


Holiday Lights

The joy and excitement of Christmas lights is surely even more special  this year. To encourage displays and to help each of us find those exciting displays throughout the villages, hamlets and countryside of King Christmas in King 2020 Holiday Light Tour has been launched.  In addition to the pleasure of finding those great displays, we can support King Township Foodbank.  See here for details. To have your holiday light display on the map you need to register by Nov. 30.

Rural Zoning Bylaw

December 1 (Tuesday),3 (Thursday),9 (Wednesday) 6-8PM are the dates for the first round of public consultation for the rural zoning bylaw.  No need to attend all 3! Pick the one which meets your schedule.  Here are more details about the process.  You must register by 4 pm the day of the session you want to attend; you will be sent link for participating on line or by phone.  Register here.

Our New Hospital: Cortelucci Vaughan Hospital

Early 2021 the new Cortelucci Vaughan Hospital will be opening.  I am looking forward to to a tour in the next couple days.  One of the “facts” which makes me very excited about the quality of care for recovery is that 80% of the acute care beds will be single occupancy.  Here are  more facts about our new hospital.