Public Planning Meeting Oct. 12 (2 of 2)

On the agenda for the Tuesday, October 12 Public Planning meeting is an application for  a Zoning Bylaw Amendment for 32 Marlynn Court in Schomberg.  Here is the notice for the meeting. Here is the Staff report.  Public can register with [email protected] to make a deputation and/or they can send their questions and comments in via email.  Requests for deputations and emails for council review should be sent in by Tuesday noon hour.

Updating Village Urban Design Guidelines

If you want to influence how our three villages are evolving in terms of the look of new buildings and the streetscapes I encourage you to get involved with the review under way of the village urban design guidelines. it’s definitely time for an update as the current ones were done in 2006.  There are critical new considerations: need for a variety of housing units, multi residential units, decreasing dependence on fossil fuels for heating and cooling, our growth management strategy which includes intensification.  Virtual meetings focused on each of the three villages are scheduled. At SpeaKing you can read the draft discussion paper; for those interested specifically in King City the tape of the virtual open house held on October 6 will be posted there too.  The virtual open house for Schomberg is October 13 and for Nobleton is Oct. 14. Registration details for participation in these meetings is here.  Your input is very much wanted; participate in the open houses and/or contact Kristen Harrison at  [email protected] or 905 833 4065.

2022 Budget Schedule

Public and Council engagement on the 2022 budget begins in next couple weeks. Below are the key dates; for more information about what is happening on these dates click here.

  • November 1   draft budget documents will be published on the website
  • November 9  6-8 pm virtual PIC (Public Information Centre) on the budget; to hear the presentation and to provide comments/feedback it will be necessary to pre-register with Finance Department at [email protected]
  • November 10  draft fees and charges to be effective January 1,2022 will be published on the website
  • November 15  draft budget (operating and capital) and draft fees and charges presented to Council at Committeeof Whole
  • January 10  draft water and wastewater budget presented to Council at Committee of Whole

As is the current practice deputations from the public will be possible at the Committee of the Whole meetings; to do so it will be necessary to register by noon the day of the meeting at [email protected]

Experience an EV Oct. 2


Actions to respond to climate change often sound difficult; but, they can also set the stage for a great experience.  The biggest contributor of greenhouse gases in our community is transportation.  If we all drive Electric Vehicles (EVs) it will make a difference.  To see the EVs on the road today and to talk to drivers about their experience of driving one the October 2 event at the MunicipalCentre will interest you.  Its free.  For more information go to Climate Action King.

Community Operated Outdoor Rinks

On the Council agenda for the September 27 meeting there is a staff report recommending a new increased service level: community operated outdoor skating rinks in response to requests that community members have made. As reviewed in the report an outdoor rink can be implemented at Rafferty’s Corners Park in King City in the upcoming winter season; two other locations King City may be executed depending on other projects. Possible locations in Nobleton and Schomberg have been identified for implementation in the following winter season. The report reviews the financing plan including a developer contribution and accessing the mayor’s annual golf reserve for the capital; operational costs are estimated ~$2,500/site and will need to be included in annual budget reviews. As indicated the rinks will be maintained by community members. I think it is very appropriate that we are implementing this higher level service in an incremental manner; it will give opportunity to validate that there is a sustained interest in such;  last season during the pandemic closures interest was very high. I am going to be asking for confirmation about the operational plans for the  existing outdoor rinks.

I am very pleased to see the concept being proposed as I think we often miss the opportunity to provide a service by utilizing the capabilities of community members.

Trail to GO train station

On the Council agenda for the September 27th meeting there is a report regarding the trail from the GO train station north parking lot which goes up north to King Road.  This trail is an important piece of infrastructure contributing to our active transportation strategy. Having said that, the report only addresses the portion of the trail up to the point that it is behind the houses at the northern end of Hogan Court.  As the report explains this portion was built as part of the King Station phase three development and that it is now time for the municipality to assume the trail. As reported the municipality received funding from both provincial and federal government to enhance the trail with paving and some lighting. If it were a recreational trail I would regret the paving; but as it is intended as a way too reach the GO train without using a car I am supportive of the paving. I will be asking about the winter maintenance program.

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