Opportunity for King Museum

Opportunity for King Museum

A creative idea has been presented to the Township:  to utilize the eastern portion of our Museum for  Genview’s  sales office.  (Genview is the developer for the subdivision east of the Museum.)   The upside potential is sensitive renovation of parts of our Museum.  Less difficult to truly understand is the benefit of this first step for integrating a new subdivision into the current fabric of our community. (more…)

Council Votes: 5.66% tax increase on King portion

At 3/28 special King Council, Council voted 4/2 for a 5.66% increase on King portion of property tax.  2011 blended rate will be 2.62%; on residents with $514,000 assessment, increase is $139.90/year. (more…)

Development on Kettleby Road

At April 4th Council meeting Staff will be presenting a zoning bylaw and development agreement in response to an application for 6 residential lots on the Kettleby Road.   In addition a site plan control bylaw is being prepared that would apply to the subject lands and required future dwellings to obtain additional approvals from the Director of Planning prior to the issuance of a Building Permit.

If you have questions or comments you can contact Paul Kulyk at 905 833 5321 x 4063.

Safety Buffers For Gas-fired Generators!

A letter  initiated by Oakville citizens and signed by residents from several other municipalities, including me, has been sent to the leadership of all the provincial parties, asking for appropriate and reasonable buffer zones between generators and residences and institutions such as schools and health care facilities.

The concept of establishing “safe” buffer zones was first proposed by Liberal MPP Kevin Flynn in a Private Member’s Bill early in 2010.  He initiated it as part of his effort to stop the Transcanada generator being proposed in Oakville.  As we all know the latter was cancelled in October 2010.  At that point Bill 8 had passed second reading.  Even though their immediate threat has been defeated, the Oakville citizens are continuing their effort to improve the decision process for locating gas-fired generators. (more…)

Does Ontario really need that generator?

The prospect of a gas fired generator in the Holland Marsh continues to really bother me.  My anger about the “faulty process” was re-ignited recently when I read the John Spears’ article. (Toronto Star Business Reporter).  You can read the whole article here.

To give you a sense of why I got fired up here are a few quotes:

“Since Ontario’s electricity market opened in 2002, electricity generators have been paid millions for not producing power.”

“…one unnamed generator has discovered a loophole allowing it to wring nearly $19 million in extra payments out of the system by unnecessarily switching on and off during the day — the equivalent of a working stiff earning a bonus every time he makes a coffee run to Timmy’s.

The Independent Electricity System Operator says that it has been working to curb the expensive practices. And the Ontario Energy Board has asked for a report next months (sic) on what steps are being taken.”

“Money for the extra payments is built into the price paid by every electricity user in the province.” (more…)

Heritage in trees and buildings

Thanks  to two excellent presentations during the past two weeks I have had my eyes & ears opened to some new concepts & issues about heritage—the valuing of it, the respecting of it, the learning from it.

On 3/20 the Historical Society hosted a presentation about Heritage Trees.  Yes trees.

What is a heritage tree?  Factors are numerous including its physical characteristics:  age, health, type/specimen; and its role in the cultural story of its location, its history.  Imagine a tree that is not only on the Carrying Place Trail but was a marker for the traders and missionaries and others using the trail!

At our recent 3/21 Council meeting there was an excellent informative presentation by the Heritage Committee.  A couple insights. (more…)