Stage 2 Begins in King

Friday, June 19 is a significant day in King (and rest of York Region) as this is day 1 of Stage 2 in the re-opening of our social & economic framework.  This is very positive as we can’t, for many reasons, continue to live in our isolated/closed individual worlds; but as we re-open we do need to be cautious and  careful to ensure our own health and the health of others. Need to do our part to keep the number of COVID-19 cases down, both in King and in Ontario. The re-opening is complicated as the protocols for a safe opening of each business and each municipal activity are not necessarily in place on Friday, 6/19.  In the case of municipal activities, Township Staff are working to establish those protocols as quickly as possible.  Be sure to check in to King’s COVID-19 info hub regularly for updates.  Our Economic Development’s is focussed on helping businesses through COVID-19 and moving into stage 2. Here is the announcement from Premier that York Region and some other regions to move to Stage 2.


Off Road Vehicles: not on trails & parks

Off road vehicles are not permitted on roads, sidewalks or trails. If you observe such activity contact King Bylaw (905 833 4002) and/or report it to York Region Police Roadwatch.  For legal enjoyment of these vehicles you need to have permission to use private property.

Different Summer Camp Choices

With reluctance it has been announced that King’s summer camp program will not be happening this year given the the uncertain health issues of COVID-19.  Truly a tough decision as the program has been much appreciated for 20 years.  A modified summer experience is being offered:  “summer camp in a box” and “virtual summer camp.”  For more details see here is the press release.  

Public Planning Meeting

Monday June 29 there is a Public Planning Meeting at 6 pm.  The meeting will be a virtual one.  It will be live streamed so that public can observe.  Further below is information on how to participate.  There are 2 agenda items.  One is the statutory public meeting for an application for development at 1986 King Road (just west of KC Library.); there was a developer hosted public info meeting for this project in late February.  The other one is the statutory public meeting for a proposed zoning bylaw amendment for King City and Schomberg.  The amendment is to address the maximum permitted lot coversage and minimum pervious surface areas in some of the zones.  Staff reports for each of these meetings will be available on June 25.

Public will be able to provide comments: either by forwarding comments by email to the Clerk ([email protected]) by noon on 6/29 who will both forward to the Council members and will enter into the public record.  Alternatively, comments can be made virtually. To do so you need to register by noon on 6/29 with the Clerk ([email protected]); you will then be sent a confirmation message with instructions as to how you can participate.

Longterm thinking: masterplan for Community Services

Right now our attention span is understandably very short term in nature:  what can we do now and what new activities will be deemed safe next week.  But, there is need for some longterm thinking:  Parks Recreation & Culture is working on its master plan for Community Services and your input is important and critical.  Master Plans guide decisions on resources (capital spending, programs, people) for the next 5-10 years.  What programs, what services do you want to see in King to enable you & your family to have the quality of life you want. Please take the survey; and provide ideas.  Also, please ask your neighbours & friends to do so. Visit to do so.



Curbside Pick Up at our Libraries

Curbside pick-up at the King libraries is beginning June 8th.  Here is how to once again access all the materials at our libraries.