Proposed Clinic Hwy 27

Mar 3, 2023 | Climate Action, Developments, Uncategorized | 0 comments

On the agenda for the March 6 council planning meeting there is a report regarding an application for a zoning bylaw amendment for a property in Nobleton at 13196 highway 27. Currently this property is a single detached house. As reviewed in the report the property is within the Nobleton built boundary and within our official plan, Our King, it is in zoned for mixed-use. The amendment is being made to facilitate the creation of a podiatrist clinic. The proponent’s plan is to maintain the existing building with no additions or removals; construction is limited to creation of three parking spaces and the addition of an accessible ramp. The addition of a new medical service to the community is very positive and  the intent to not demolish but rather to reuse occurrent structure is also very positive. For more information here is the report from the proponent’s agent; I believe that the latter will be presenting this at the meeting on Monday.

I make the latter comment as this means that there will be minimum GHG emitted for the project.  I say this acknowledging that there is nothing in the report to suggest that the energy efficiency of the structure is being improved; but as I have no insight into how energy efficient or not it is currently I can make no comment.

As always you can make comments or ask questions about this report.     Contact to register for making a deputation and/or send in your comments by email to by noon on Monday March 6 and they will be circulated to Council.


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