Regulation of Fireworks

May 6, 2022 | Debbie in the Community, The Issues | 2 comments

On Monday May 9 there is a report proposing a new bylaw to regulate both the sale and the use of fireworks within the Township. The regulations are all about health and safety of the users and those who are in the vicinity of the action. Given feedback I received from a good number of residents following the Victoria Day 2021 celebrations I am supportive of tightening up the interval during which fireworks, which are part of the celebrations of Victoria Day, Canada Day and the third day of the Diwali Festival, are permitted.  I think the bylaw is clear on the different permissions for display fireworks and family/consumer fireworks. The bylaw also identifies very clearly where fireworks are not permitted at anytime Including proximity to nursing homes places of worship, nursery schools equestrian facility, wetlands with nesting birds. (see page 20 of 23). The report also identifies process for getting permit to use firework on other days that the 3 defined ones. You can provide your comments about the bylaw about the proposed bylaw by sending an email to or registering to make a deputation to Council by noon on May 9th with   (For those who are interested to read the report I want to point out that both the current bylaw and the proposed new one are in the report; I’m saying this as I got confused when I was first reading.

As I have said I am supportive of tightening up the interval for fireworks as fireworks are not enjoyed by all.  I do still enjoy but my enthusiasm is less; I am more aware of those persons who are frightened by them.  In addition, It must be admitted that they are an anachronism given our concerns, our desire for clean air and protecting the environment. We should start thinking of alternatives such as drone light shows!


  1. John Flys

    Our forested acreage is surrounded by a number of residential subdivisions. The uncontrolled use of fireworks by some residents has been a problem and a concern for years. The risk of a forest fire caused by fireworks is particularly high during the period from July through October!
    Tasca Park had a grass fire, in the summer of 2021, caused by ‘uncontrolled’ use of fireworks.
    I would suggest that fireworks may only be used by a licensed body
    I.e. local fire department.

  2. Bruce Craig

    Celebrations are positive events. However, my view of fireworks has changed dramatically over the past year. Last year friends reported that the impact on a large great blue heron colony was significant with adult birds leaving their nests in response to the loud sounds of the fireworks. I’ve since learned there are significant impacts on air quality and carbon emissions, as well as impacts on the environment from falling debris and toxins. These impacts with the inherent dangers are enough to require change that is in line with safety, health and well-being. I would like to see all fireworks phased out quickly and replaced with alternatives. Drone light shows are gaining quickly in popularity and have very minimal impacts on the environment, and the drones can be re-used countless times. I strongly encourage King Township to lead by example and cease the use of fireworks and quickly explore opportunities for creative drone shows and other less impactful ways of celebrating.


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