Mar 18, 2023 | Developments | 1 comment

On Monday, March 20 council agenda there is a staff report recommending approval of the draft plan of condominium application for the  Stateview development on Keele north of King Rd. as reviewed  the report.   This is the  “tool” in of the development process whereby the individually owned areas or units and the various common elements are established. The latter includes such things as the internal roadway, landscaping, sidewalks etc which will be owned and maintained by the condominium corporation.

Please email questions and comments to [email protected] prior to noon March 20 and such will be shared with Council and/or register to make a deputation by noon.

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  1. Mike

    Debbie. The traffic signals on keele greatly concern me. Keele in the morning is already terrible at times traffic is backed up to 15th side road. Why the need for lights when there are none for much bigger subdivisions that turn onto keele. Unless those lights are smart, activated only when there are cars wanting to turn onto keele, it will make keele unmanageable Why isn’t keele 4 lanes yet up to the 15th. If it is not widened in conjunction with king city east development then the town will have failed the residence of king city north. I recall the original traffic impact assessment for state view and the other developments said minimal impact on traffic. I think keele will be of great concern to your ward


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