Hello Ward 5!

Councillor Debbie Schaefer
Hello Ward 5 residents & businesses and the rest of King Township,

I am running for a second term as Councillor for Ward 5 as my enthusiasm for King Township only grows. I believe that I have been and can continue to be a positive influence on King’s evolution. Also, I have invested a lot during the first term learning “the ropes;” I would like to have four years more to use that insight for the benefit of King’s residents.

It has been a true honour to serve Ward 5. I am very pleased to have had this opportunity to serve as I consider it a privilege to live here. King is such a unique place with its landscape and wonderful geography. It’s a growing community with easy access to Canada’s largest business and cultural centre and it has its own deep historical roots that must be respected. King is where the urban and the rural meet. This interface, in addition to our growth, creates a tremendous tension and energy.

When I ran in 2010 I was acutely aware that King was entering a period of significant change. I thought of that change mostly in terms of new subdivisions being built and the influx of more people. The last 4 years has shown me what this growth means: (more…)

Community Improvement Plans–2nd workshop & meeting

As I commented on earlier we are embarking on development of Community Improvement Plans (CIP) for our 3 villages. The second round of meetings for each village is now occurring.  Meeting for King City is Tuesday, July 15 6-8:30 PM in the Council Chamber room.  Starting about 6:30 or so there will be a formal presentation and afterwards there will be a workshop.   Nobleton’s meeting is July 14th at The Arbour and Schomberg’s July 29 at Community Centre.

As a reminder:  CIP’s are the tool we are using to encourage the private investment required to make the commercial cores of  our villages a draw for people to visit them and to shop in them.   Its a tool to help residents, business owners and investors plans for the evolution of their communities by encouraging private investment through use of grants and other incentives. You can learn more about them here.   The first round of public meetings are starting; dates are below.  By attending you will learn more about the process and have opportunity to provide input as to what you would like to see occur in the business core of King City, Nobleton and Schomberg.


Transportation Master Plan–information session #2

We are developing a long term (20 year) transportation vision for King. We want a sustainable transportation system with a strong focus on efficient use of existing infrastructure, transit, active transportation demand management. You are invited to drop in to an information session to learn what is being proposed in terms of policies and transportation infrastructure projects in order to achieve the vision. Session in King City is Tuesday, July 15 5:30-8:30 PM at the King City arena. For other locations the official notice here.  Come anytime in the identified time interval to ask your questions and to talk to the experts.  

Very importantly this is where you can find out how many dump trucks are passing through King City today; and how many are assumed for the future. This is where you can check out plans for widening roads, changing intersections.

To see what was presented at the first information session, click here. 

Neonicotinoid Treated Seeds and the Honey Bee

I am very proud that my resolution on neonicotinoid treated seed, which was seconded by Councillor Eek, was unanimously supported at Council on July 7th. It is time that there be real action to address the risk to honey bees and other pollinators associated with the use of neonicotinoid corn and soybean seed. Sustainable King hosted an information meeting in April to provide a learning opportunity for the public by hearing from those in the agriculture sector. Following that meeting the Sustainability Committee endorsed my proposal for this resolution. Here is the resolution.

As the resolution says, it is very clear that King needed to say something on this issue. Our own sustainability requires that we have a robust agricultural sector; our sector includes many crops which need pollination and it also includes corn and soybean growers. Furthermore, as a municipality striving to be sustainable we simply cannot ignore this serious threat to our food chain.

I am delighted that the newly appointed Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs has confirmed intent to take firm action. (It was a nice coincidence that it was same day that our resolution passed.)

I am also very happy to say that King has continued to avoid use of landscape products treated with these pesticides since its self imposed prohibition of such following a recommendation from KEAC nearly 10 years ago.

Servicing Options for Mary Lake Estates–the choices

Earlier I indicated that servicing options (water and sewer) for Mary Lake Estates were being assessed and that options on the table would be presented at an information meeting on June 24.  If you weren’t able to attend or you want to see again, here are the information boards from that meeting.  

If you have questions or wish to provide feedback you can contact King’s consultants:

  • Peter Slama (Cole Engineering) at pslama@coleengineering.ca or 905 940 6161 x 375
  • Pat Becker (P Becker Consulting) at pbecker@pathcom.com or 905 713 2837

Staff will be making a recommendation to Council at some point.


Nature Walks in King City and Nobleton

There are some wonderful guided walks being planned for the summer months with guides from Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA.)  in Nobleton and King City.  The walks are free but you must register at www.trcastewardshipevents.ca.

  • In the remaining weeks of July they will be meeting at Davis Park in Nobleton on Thursday evenings.  For details click here.
  • In August the walks will be on the 4 Tuesday mornings at 9:30 starting at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, 13190 Keele St., King City.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about local wildlife.  TRCA says that walks will happen rain or shine; and they advise wearing closed-toe footwear and recommend bringing plenty of water, sunscreen and a hat.

These walks are a a partnership project of Toronto and Region Conservation and King Township through the funding support of York Region. 


Canada Day 2014 Celebration

index You can celebrate Canada Day 2014 with neighbours, family & friends at Kettleby again this year.  There will be hot dogs & beverages and a festive cake starting at 7PM on July 1 in Tyrwhitt Park.  Fireworks display is at 9:30.

No matter where you celebrate the day, Happy Canada Day!

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