Hello Ward 5!

Councillor Debbie Schaefer
Hello Ward 5 residents & businesses and the rest of King Township,

I am running for a second term as Councillor for Ward 5 as my enthusiasm for King Township only grows. I believe that I have been and can continue to be a positive influence on King’s evolution. Also, I have invested a lot during the first term learning “the ropes;” I would like to have four years more to use that insight for the benefit of King’s residents.

It has been a true honour to serve Ward 5. I am very pleased to have had this opportunity to serve as I consider it a privilege to live here. King is such a unique place with its landscape and wonderful geography. It’s a growing community with easy access to Canada’s largest business and cultural centre and it has its own deep historical roots that must be respected. King is where the urban and the rural meet. This interface, in addition to our growth, creates a tremendous tension and energy.

When I ran in 2010 I was acutely aware that King was entering a period of significant change. I thought of that change mostly in terms of new subdivisions being built and the influx of more people. The last 4 years has shown me what this growth means: (more…)

End of a great tradition

As reported in our local papers the wonderful tradition of our small town fair, the first Saturday after Labour Day, is no more.  I was truly sad to read the press release announcing cancellation of Kettleby Fair.   Even though my exposure to this wonderful tradition only dates back to 2003 it had become a marker in my psyche that it was fall, that summer was over.  For many people of all ages, over the last 38 years there has been the fun of attending and the fun & satisfaction of helping it to happen by either working at the gates, setting up and working in booths, booking entertainment, preparing and selling food.

Thank you to all the volunteers who participated over the years in making the KettlebyFair so very special.



Greenhouse Gas–report from Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

Reading the Environmental Commissioner’s 2014 report on Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions is a very sobering task: Ontario’s actions have been so inadequate. Ontario was once so courageous and innovative: since 1990 GHG emissions from our electricity grid have gone down 43%, industry’s emissions have dropped 21%. Conversely transportation has gone up 24% and it is now the largest source of GHG (34% in 2012) with all trends showing an increase. How is it that we went through a provincial election and reducing GHG was not one of the big issues debated with substance?

The report has triggered for me a couple thoughts of relevance for King Township. (more…)

Community Improvement Plan–King City

In early July a public meeting was held to discuss the Community Improvement Plan (CIP) for King City.  I am glad some residents and business owners were able to attend as there was opportunity for them to express their ideas about priorities in terms of which activities/initiatives should be eligible for grants; and in addition they were able to express comments in general about the plan.  If you were unable to attend you can still provide feedback up until August 8th; here is a questionnaire and area for comment.

A draft CIP has been now published; you can read it here.  A public meeting has been tentatively scheduled for the Monday September 8th Council meeting on the CIP.   If Council approves the CIP, budgeting funds for the grants will be an important item in our 2015 budget deliberations in the fall.



Modifying Kingscross Speed Humps

Speed humps have been installed on Kingscross Drive.  The friction ignited in the community by the decision to install them is most unfortunate; hence it is truly unfortunate that the installation was not as good as it should have been. Corrections will be made week of July 28th.

As I have said to the many people who have contacted me to express opposition to their installation, these speed humps are temporary and will be removed before winter maintenance begins.  They are a pilot to see what impact they have on traffic speed along this street.  They were installed in response to safety issues raised by a majority of residents living on that street.  Prior to determining a permanent solution we will be engaging the community to assess options.

August Nature Walks in King City

In August you can  explore the King City Trails with a Toronto Region Conservation Area guide.  Its an opportunity to learn about the creatures who live in the area and the vegetation which thrives there.  The walks are free but you need to register with TRCA.

The walks are on the four (4) Tuesday mornings at 9:30; meet at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church at 13190 Keele St.

For more details see here.

Community Improvement Plans–2nd workshop & meeting

As I commented on earlier we are embarking on development of Community Improvement Plans (CIP) for our 3 villages. The second round of meetings for each village is now occurring.  Meeting for King City is Tuesday, July 15 6-8:30 PM in the Council Chamber room.  Starting about 6:30 or so there will be a formal presentation and afterwards there will be a workshop.   Nobleton’s meeting is July 14th at The Arbour and Schomberg’s July 29 at Community Centre.

As a reminder:  CIP’s are the tool we are using to encourage the private investment required to make the commercial cores of  our villages a draw for people to visit them and to shop in them.   Its a tool to help residents, business owners and investors plans for the evolution of their communities by encouraging private investment through use of grants and other incentives. You can learn more about them here.   The first round of public meetings are starting; dates are below.  By attending you will learn more about the process and have opportunity to provide input as to what you would like to see occur in the business core of King City, Nobleton and Schomberg.


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