Hello Ward 5!

Councillor Debbie Schaefer
Hello Ward 5 residents & businesses and the rest of King Township,

I am thrilled to continue as Councillor for Ward 5 in this ever so beautiful King Township!  I appreciate so much the trust that voters have expressed by voting for me.  I will work hard and creatively to serve the community for this next term of Council.

As I campaigned I not only had the opportunity to tell people about myself and what I wanted to accomplish, I also heard from residents about the issues and how they see them.  Top issue expressed is traffic (speed and volume) and parking.  A close second one is development, both subdivision development and development within the traditional/older subdivisions.  In King City, inadequate amenities were often flagged; this particularly frustrates some since new subdivisions have been built.   I heard from our rural businesses and homeowners that they need a significant improvement in broadband capability.  I also heard about substandard roads and sidewalks.

I heard clear confirmation that people expect and want our natural heritage to be protected.  I also heard relief that I stand for not changing the boundaries of King City and not increasing the population cap of 12,500 for King City.

Hearing all this only increased my desire to serve on Council for this term.  The Council of 2010-14 initiated and approved many strategies which address these issues.  We have some big challenges; but we have identified where we want to get to and how we are going to do so.

Debbie Schaefer

Happy New Year!

I look forward to continuing to serve you as your Councillor.

Pancake Breakfast January 21

indexI hope to see you at annual Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, January 21st 9-11AM at King City Community Centre.  Here is the is formal invitation from myself and my Council colleagues.

Need your feedback on zoning by-law

A draft new zoning  by-law for King City and Schomberg has been published; feedback is requested y January 31.  As I have commented previously, a significant outcome of the new by-law will be improved protection of the character of the established neighbourhoods.  The quality of this by-law will be enhanced by current residents reviewing it and providing feedback.  If you haven’t been involved yet with this project I suggest you skim through the August 2016 discussion paper.  To see the draft zoning by-law follow this link and the by-law and its appendices are at top of the page.  

Development at King Rd/King Blvd

At January 9 Council there is a statutory public meeting for a development application to build 7 townhouses at King Rd/King Blvd. in King City.  I strongly agree with the Staff report recommending that there needs to be co-ordinated effort of all development interests in the surrounding block and not one by one.  I believe that this is the kind of development which should be occurring.  I am not enthusiastic about the architecture as it looks like an attempt to mimic King Ridge, the completed development further east on King Road; this  homogeneity of facades is not consisted with the King City guidelines.  The latter identifies that there should be a variety of roof forms and facades. I will be asking about envisioned size of the town homes.   This is the opportunity for you to raise questions about this development.

2017 Budget

At 12/12 Council there will be presentation of the budget for 2017. The draft budget proposes a property tax increase of 2.9%; when blended with York Region’s and the anticipated provincial education tax the overall tax increase is 2.32%; for a property assessed at $664,000 this amounts to an increase of $143.  One of the very significant decisions in this budget is the capital programs; the draft recommends a capital program of $40.9 million in 2017 and $30.6 million in 2018.  A second important decision is about our contributions to infrastructure reserves; this has been a focus since I joined Council and I am glad to see our allocation increasing.

For this budget, for the first time Staff is asking Council to approve both 2017 and 2018 capital programs.  Rationale for such is to allow for most effective planning of resources and to improve the value for bids on our projects.  I fully support this.    Another change is the amount of information being given (more…)

Reforming the OMB

12/12 Council agenda includes a Staff report recommending Township input to the Province on the review of the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).   Significant changes to the scope of OMB influence and how that influence is enacted is very much needed.  The Staff report is a relatively easy way to understand specific options for modifying how the OMB functions.  For more information here is link to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.  Input from citizens is very much wanted; final date for providing input is December 19th.  Environmental Defense is posting several case studies as to why there needs to be change;  here’s one and here’s another.  The former is a case study from King; the latter is one which cold be in King.  If you agree there needs to be change please sign the petition. 

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