Hello Ward 5!

Councillor Debbie Schaefer
Hello Ward 5 residents & businesses and the rest of King Township,

I am thrilled to continue as Councillor for Ward 5 in this ever so beautiful King Township!  I appreciate so much the trust that voters have expressed by voting for me.  I will work hard and creatively to serve the community for this next term of Council.

As I campaigned I not only had the opportunity to tell people about myself and what I wanted to accomplish, I also heard from residents about the issues and how they see them.  Top issue expressed is traffic (speed and volume) and parking.  A close second one is development, both subdivision development and development within the traditional/older subdivisions.  In King City, inadequate amenities were often flagged; this particularly frustrates some since new subdivisions have been built.   I heard from our rural businesses and homeowners that they need a significant improvement in broadband capability.  I also heard about substandard roads and sidewalks.

I heard clear confirmation that people expect and want our natural heritage to be protected.  I also heard relief that I stand for not changing the boundaries of King City and not increasing the population cap of 12,500 for King City.

Hearing all this only increased my desire to serve on Council for this term.  The Council of 2010-14 initiated and approved many strategies which address these issues.  We have some big challenges; but we have identified where we want to get to and how we are going to do so.

Debbie Schaefer

Council Inauguration: you are invited!

Residents of Township of King:  You are all invited to the inaugural ceremony for your new Council.  Its Monday, December 1, 2014 at 7PM.  Ceremony is at Country Day School.  Here is the formal invitation.  You are requested to RSVP by calling 905 833 4020 by November 27th.

I really would like to see a good crowd of my constituents there.  I hope you can come!




Celebrating Christmas Joy with Friends & Family

There are so many ways to  to celebrate the Christmas season:  parades, opportunities to see & purchase gifts for special friends & family; music; tasty treats to enjoy as you walk on a road free of traffic.  And all these events make these very long winter evenings & nights to seem not so cold and long!

Christmas in Kettleby, We Still Believe

Saturday, Sunday Nov. 21 & 22 10-4 PM

artisans & crafters and more; more details here


Christmas in King City

Saturday Nov. 29 5-8PM

Keele Street south of King Road will be closed; more details here.


1914 Christmas Truce Concert

Friday, December 5 7:30 PM at Marylake Shrine

a very special concert hosted by King Township Historical Society; details here


A Main Street Christmas 

Saturday December 6

Santa Claus Parade at 4PM and spectacular Farmers’ Parade of Lights at 8PM; more details see here.


Procurement By-law Update

Staff presented a report to Council on 11/17  recommending a new improved Procurement By-law.  I think the various modifications are very positive in that it incorporates best practises in a number of important areas and introduces formal contractor evaluation criteria that will be completed for all projects valued at or above $100,000.  These changes will help us to achieve better value for our spending.  You can read the report here.  Here is the draft by-law; but I must mention  that it does not reflect some amendments which were made during the meeting; the approved by-law will be available digitally in the next Council meeting reports.

Some of the hi-lights of changes made:

  • establishment of standards of supply chain code of ethics
  • introduction of procurment card with detailed protocols for use and management for procuring low dollar value goods & services
  • and as already mentioned, formal contractor evaluation criteria.

Traffic Calming in Kettleby

Council approved a report recommending traffic calming on Kettleby Road;  implementation is to be done in spring 2015.  The recommendation is based on data provided by data collected by traffic counters and the feedback from residents living on the road.

To elaborate on the justification:  the traffic counters indicated that 85th percentile speed was  >70km/hr in both directions in the 50 km speed zone.  Our traffic calming policy indicates that when there is speed > 15 km greater than the posted speed, traffic calming is warranted. Residents living on the Road have identified speeding as a critical issues during the last 6 months; a petition requesting traffic calming was initiated and supported by more than 70% in spring.  During this period residents have tried to slow down traffic with signs warning of children at play etc. etc.  I think anyone who is familiar with the road, the proximity of road to walking paths and houses can well appreciate why excessive speed is totally unacceptable.

I have also asked Township and Region to improve signage for the local and regional roads.  Specifically, signs need (more…)

Kingscross Estates: your input on traffic calming is wanted!

Measures to slow down the traffic on Kingscross Drive has been a very hot topic for residents in Kingscross Estates community: both for those living on that road  and for residents living on the feeders streets.  Notice is being sent to all residents in Kingscross Estates of the public information meeting on Thursday November 27th between 3:30 and 9 pm at the Muncipal Office in the Council Chambers.  Intent of meeting is to provide information on several options for addressing the problem and to hear feedback from residents.  Input heard at the meeting will be incorporated into a recommendation to Council in late winter 2015 for a permanent solution.

To respond to concerns about traffic speeds a couple different actions have been taken:  stop signs were introduced at some intersections and temporary speed humps were installed in June 2015.  (The latter have now been removed.)  Unlike the discrete decisions behind these actions, what will be presented at the 11/27 meeting is a holistic review of options.

I do hope that residents of Kingscross Estates will attend the public information meeting to provide input on traffic calming measures on Kingscross Drive.

Mary Lake Estates–municipal services report

The preferred solution for providing municipal services (water and sanitary sewers) to the new subdivision Mary Lake Estates has now been confirmed.  Here is the final report.  Preferred solution is consistent with what was presented earlier.  If anyone has questions or issues with the proposed solution they should review such with Greg Cook (gcook@king.ca). If the identified concern is not resolved, the individual(s) may request the Minister of the Environment to issues a Part II Order under the Environmental Assessment Act; such action needs to be taken by December 6th.  I know that members of the public who had requested to be advised of final report have been sent a notice. (You can see it here.)

I was initially skeptical of the “wisdom” of the preferred solution for the water, specifically the proposal to have a second watermain feed and to have it fed via Lockhart Lane and Kingscross Drive.  What I have since learned is that having a “loop” is really best practice these days for better water quality.  And, on consideration, it is hard to justify why we would ignore the opportunity to provide enhanced fired protection in Kingscross by building the loop parallel to the 1st watermain feed on 15th Sideroad.





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