Hello Ward 5!

Councillor Debbie Schaefer
Hello Ward 5 residents & businesses and the rest of King Township,

I am thrilled to continue as Councillor for Ward 5 in this ever so beautiful King Township!  I appreciate so much the trust that voters have expressed by voting for me.  I will work hard and creatively to serve the community for this next term of Council.

As I campaigned I not only had the opportunity to tell people about myself and what I wanted to accomplish, I also heard from residents about the issues and how they see them.  Top issue expressed is traffic (speed and volume) and parking.  A close second one is development, both subdivision development and development within the traditional/older subdivisions.  In King City, inadequate amenities were often flagged; this particularly frustrates some since new subdivisions have been built.   I heard from our rural businesses and homeowners that they need a significant improvement in broadband capability.  I also heard about substandard roads and sidewalks.

I heard clear confirmation that people expect and want our natural heritage to be protected.  I also heard relief that I stand for not changing the boundaries of King City and not increasing the population cap of 12,500 for King City.

Hearing all this only increased my desire to serve on Council for this term.  The Council of 2010-14 initiated and approved many strategies which address these issues.  We have some big challenges; but we have identified where we want to get to and how we are going to do so.

Debbie Schaefer

Diva is singing December 15!


TTC Comes to York Region

Sunday, December 17 TTC Line 1 will be open for business.  It includes 4 stations in York Region, including the one at York University.  Most northern station is at the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre at Hwy 7 and Millway Avenue.  See here for details.

draft Official Plan

The draft Official Plan for King Township is now posted on the Township web.  Hard copies to read will be available in the Township libraries.  To read the draft please go here; and at same place you can also read background information.  By its nature this is a very big document.  I urge you to look at the index and select the specific topics of particular interest to you.  In January and February there will be public meetings where your points of view can be heard and you can hear what others think about it. I am also very interested to hear from you directly; please make comments on this blog or email me directly at dschaefer@king.ca.

Potential for East Humber Headwaters Park!

There is no guarantee of outcome but if it comes to pass this is a fabulous development:  a new park on the Oak Ridges Moraine east of King City to be called East Humber Headwaters Park.  As indicated in the resolution this outcome is contemplated as the result of a proposed land swap between a private landowner and the Province; specifically, to swap currently owned land with lands owned by the Province in another municipality where development is already planned.   If completed there will be the opportunity to improve and restore the ecological and hydrological functions of the ORM in this natural linkage area. The proposal includes transferring the 208 hectares to Province or Toronto Regional Conservation Authority (TRCA).   

66 Main Street: intent to designate

December 11 Council agenda includes a report with a recommendation to give notice of intention to designate the principal residence at 66 Main Street Schomberg as a property meriting protection under the Ontario Heritage Act.  As reviewed this property merits such protection as it meets the criteria under the 3 categories even though it is only necessary to meet criteria of 1.  The 3 categories are that it has cultural heritage value, historical/associative value and contextual value.  The proposal to designate was initiated by Heritage Advisory Committee.  Given the deputations made at the public meeting November 13 it is evident that a significant number of residents are supportive of protecting this structure as part of a development on the property.  I am certain that preserving this structure and incorporating it into the development will result in a very positive outcome for both the property owner and the community.


Sign Bylaw Renewal

On December 11 Council agenda there is a draft sign bylaw; it will be tabled for consideration and adoption at the January 8 Council.  Revising the sign bylaw has been triggered primarily by feedback from our business community.  As indicated in the report Staff has been working very closely with King Chamber of Commerce to address inadequacies in the current bylaw.  In addition, as reviewed in another report, changes are required to implement new legislative requirements of the Municipal Legislation Act (which regulates municipal election).  Finally its an opportunity to eliminate some ambiguity about real estate signs and construction & contractor signs.  I am well aware that our sign bylaw for advertising is more restrictive than is case in some municipalities and that this is a challenge for our businesses.  But, I also believe that sign pollution is not consistent with King. We need to find the balance.  I urge you to review this report and the draft bylaw and provide your feedback prior to January 8th.

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