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Appreciating Our Volunteers

Nominations for formally recognizing individuals who are making a positive impact on our community are now being accepted. There are several categories of awards.  Here is the criteria.  For 2019 there has been a modification to the Special Recognition Award:  there is a new subcategory which allows for recognition of those who do not live within King Township but are enhancing the quality of our community with their volunteer efforts.  I am delighted that this change has been made as I know that there are people who are very active in community groups who do not live in King.  Nominations must be submitted by March 15.  Here is criteria and and here is the nomination form.

And…mark on your calendar that we will be celebrating those selected for the awards on Thursday, April 25.

Parking Permits: new option

Temporary on-street parking permits are now available for events such as overnight guests, deliveries, or driveway repairs.  Council approved the recommendation from Staff to introduce this service.  The permit is free.  Read here the scope of the permit e.g. how many will be issued in one year, necessity to abide by winter parking restrictions etc.

Feb. 12 Budget Meeting Cancelled

Due to worsening weather the budget meeting scheduled for 2/12 is cancelled.  Alternate date to be determined.  Other dates are not changed.

Budget Public Consultations

The budget process includes a survey of residents’ priorities, public consultations where presentations will be made reviewing preliminary assumptions and feedback to date and discussions in Council meetings.  1st public consultation is Tuesday, Feb. 12 7-9pm at Municipal Centre.  Here is full schedule.  (Note:  this schedule information is also on the budget page.) If you are interested in understanding which services and programmes will be provided by the Township and  how your property tax dollars are spent, this is the time to get involved.  If you can’t make it to the Feb. 12 consultation there is another one on Feb. 20 in Nobleton.

Shall We Enable Sprawl?

The Province’s decision to eliminate Schedule 10 from Bill 66 was very welcomed as it seriously threatened security of our water, our farmland and our green spaces.  But, there are still threats as the Province is proposing amendments to the Growth Plan  for the Greater Golden Horsehoe which directs how we grow and where we grow. The current Growth Plan approved in 2017 emphasizes building compact communities with boundaries that not can not be expanded without substantial review. Its goal is to accommodate more people and jobs without sprawl by increasing density within communities.  Higher density is achieved with  smaller lots and taller multi-level residential structures than built traditionally.  Proposed amendments to the Growth Plan include lower demands for density and easier ability to expand the urban boundaries. We are all negatively affected by less dense communities:  public transit costs more and for many public transit will continue to be inadequate; maintenance of public services (water and sewage) increases as there are more pipes.  We start growing houses and not food!