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Holland Marsh Soupfest

The delicious annual Holland Marsh Soupfest is this Saturday, Oct. 5.  It is 11-3 but if you really want to taste as many soups as possible I urge you to go early.  And I encourage you to buy ticket(s) online to avoid a lengthy queue and to take advantage of lower entry fee.

Toys For Tickets

On Sept. 23 Council agenda there is a report proposing an innovative way for responding to the inevitable parking violations when the winter parking restrictions begin.  I must admit that my first response was a very judgmental dismissive one, that it was a crazy idea.  But when I read more and learned that other municipalities are implementing already I began to look at it in another way.  I encourage you to let our Staff know what you think about it.

Community Halls

On September 23 Council agenda there is a staff report about our community halls:  how much they are being used, current state i.e. physical and a review of any plans to modify/renovate.  As indicated significant work at the Schomberg Community Hall is budgeted and underway.  Other facilities need work but it is going to need to be assessed at budget; and as noted not all of them have usage levels that make it certain that monies should be spent.

Climate Strike In King

Climate Strikes are taking place from September 20-27  all over the world, demanding an end to the age of fossil fuels. The Climate Crisis won’t wait, so neither will we!  Join me and hundreds of others at northwest corner of Keele and King Road on Friday, September 20 12-1.  There is an emergency.  That’s why King Township Council approved very aggressive targets (45% reduction in corporate energy emissions and 35% energy reduction by 2030); and after completing the detailed planning to achieve the latter to develop a plan for the community at large.

Updating Transportation Master Plan

Its time to update the Transportation Master Plan (TMP); the vision is to improved different modes of travely including walking, cycling, transit and car.  Residents are invited to attend one of the scheduled information sessions to comment on issues experienced when travelling around King and to provide input on how to improve the network.  For full detail on meetings see here:  its Oct. 1 in King City, Oct. 2 in Nobleton and October 8 in Schomberg; all are 6pm-8pm.