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Sale of Current Municipal Offices

Staff report on Jan. 22 Council summarizes the negotiated agreement with Zancor for the purchase and sale of the current Township Offices & plaza.  Sale price is $10,750,000 which is 50% of total costs of new Town Hall, the new community facilities (gymnasium) and York Region Police (YRP) substation. The financing of the other 50% is the capital contribution from YRP, development charges, infrastructure reserve and about $4 million provided through debenture financing.  As reviewed in the report this negotiated agreement meets our needs in terms of timing and financial value.

Potential for East Humber Headwaters Park!

There is no guarantee of outcome but if it comes to pass this is a fabulous development:  a new park on the Oak Ridges Moraine east of King City to be called East Humber Headwaters Park.  As indicated in the resolution this outcome is contemplated as the result of a proposed land swap between a private landowner and the Province; specifically, to swap currently owned land with lands owned by the Province in another municipality where development is already planned.   If completed there will be the opportunity to improve and restore the ecological and hydrological functions of the ORM in this natural linkage area. The proposal includes transferring the 208 hectares to Province or Toronto Regional Conservation Authority (TRCA).   

66 Main Street: intent to designate

December 11 Council agenda includes a report with a recommendation to give notice of intention to designate the principal residence at 66 Main Street Schomberg as a property meriting protection under the Ontario Heritage Act.  As reviewed this property merits such protection as it meets the criteria under the 3 categories even though it is only necessary to meet criteria of 1.  The 3 categories are that it has cultural heritage value, historical/associative value and contextual value.  The proposal to designate was initiated by Heritage Advisory Committee.  Given the deputations made at the public meeting November 13 it is evident that a significant number of residents are supportive of protecting this structure as part of a development on the property.  I am certain that preserving this structure and incorporating it into the development will result in a very positive outcome for both the property owner and the community.


New Gas Station on Hwy 11/Bathurst

At December 11 Council meeting there is a statutory public meeting to address an application for a zoning bylaw amendment to facilitate development of a gas station with car wash and convenience store on Highway 11 west side of Bathurst.  Here is the Staff report.  As indicated the application includes  rezoning a rear portion of property to “environmental protection zone” to protect an existing woodlot.  Good to see this kind of economic development in the northern part of King.

OPA application for Patton Street

At December 11 Council meeting there is a statutory public meeting to address an application for a zoning bylaw amendment (OPA) to rezone a lot to “Core Area King City. ”  As reviewed in the report this application is really a correction to what should have been included when the new King City Urban Area bylaw was done earlier this year.

Sustainable Plan for Hambly House

At November 27  Council meeting there is statutory public meeting for a planning application to re-develop the lands at north west corner of Hwy 27 and King Road in Nobleton.  (Follow link provided and see agenda item 6.2.) The re-development includes the designated heritage property, Hambly House, at Hwy. 27/King Road.  If you have a point of view on this application you can either attend and make a verbal deputation; or you can send in your comments to the Clerk at [email protected]


What do you want to see at new Recreation Facility?

King will be building new multi-use Recreation Facility on south east corner of 15th Sideroad and Dufferin (on Seneca lands). It will have both indoor and outdoor recreation opportunities. You input is very much needed now as the design process begins. Please let us know what you would like to see at this facility: do the survey, attend on of the upcoming public consultation meetings:  11/20 (Monday) at Township Office in Council Chambers, 11/23 (Thursday) at Trisan Centre, 11/28 (Tuesday) Holland Marsh Christian School in Ansnorveldt.  See here for more information about this new facility and opportunities to provide input.


Brownsville Junction: 4 new townhouses on flood plain

On Council agenda for 10/30 there is a Planning Report regarding an application for 4 town homes to be built at Cooper Drive and Dr. Kay. Given that approval of the requested Official Plan Amendment and the zoning bylaw amendment results in residential being built on what is flood plain, an identified Environmental Constrain Area, I am very uncomfortable with the report as it stands.  In last 4 months we have seen the impact of building on flood plains.  I need to understand far more why we would be approving this application at this stage.  As indicated there are numerous conditions still to be addressed before they could commence construction; why don’t we wait until those conditions are met?

Committee Of Adjustment: Review by Planning

Planning Department is proposing to engage more routinely in the Committee of Adjustment (CofA) process.  The latter is the process whereby property owners request “minor variances,” in addition to consent/severance applications.  To date Planning Staff do provide advice on the latter to the Committee but do not for the former.  For reasons identified in the report I believe their plan to provide advice for minor variances is very welcomed.  But, I do wonder about the effort to do so and if it is feasible within current budget.   Here is report.  

As indicated, the ultimate decision on minor variance still rests with the Committee.

Koffler Scientific Reserve

There are many “activities” in King which make me proud.  The work being done at Koffler Scientific Reserve is one of them.  At the Koffler, there is ongoing research projects, including studies in forest ecology, soil ecology, biological invasions, plant defenses, fungal biodiversity, pollinating insects, plant reproductive ecology, and ecological impact of global change.  Research is not being done exclusively by University of Toronto ( of which the Koffler is part of) but also by institutes in other countries.  To do this work, infrastructure at the site is required.  But, as the Reserve is in core Oak Ridges Moraine significant attention to such development is required.  At 5/29 Council there is the statutory public meeting for the required zoning by-law amendment to allow the identified infrastructure requirements. Its quite evident that a research entity with focus on the environment does not get a “free pass” in terms of building infrastructure.  Good, very good to see; but at same time we need to enable the research to happen.  You can read the report here.  As always, this is the time to ask questions, to identify concerns.