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North East King City Development

There is a statutory public meeting February 26 for the development in north east quadrant of King City.  This application which dates back several years is now at the stage of completing the the Functional Servicing/Development Area (FSDAS) study.  This is a critical stage as it includes plans for connectivity (pedestrian and vehicles), quantity and type of residential units to be built, identification of environmental protections lands.  Given the magnitude of the project (239 hectares, ~1000 residential units) this development is particularly important.  Members of public have opportunity to voice support or opposition and to ask questions.  Here is the report.


Laskay Hall Update

There is a report on February 26 Council agenda about Laskay Hall.  For those anxious to see the Hall re-opened for public activities the report includes a review of work yet to be done with a plan for completion in May.  As reviewed it has taken longer than anticipated for reasons identified; and it has cost more than budgeted.  The plan for funding the incremental costs is presented.  Given the unforseen structural challenges due to carpenter ants I am glad that the re-location project came about as the Hall’s collapse, at original site, would have been only a question of “when.”

Amended 2018 Budget

An amended budget and business plan is on the Feb. 5 Council agenda.  As directed by Council in the previous Council meeting (Jan 29) Staff is presenting a budget offering a 0% increase in the Township property tax rate as opposed to an increase of 1.99%. To achieve either level of increase is remarkable given the need to absorb the costs of Bill 148, Fair Workplaces , Better Jobs Act which we estimate to be $300,000 (about 1 property tax point).  In addition both original and amended budget were done on basis of no reduction in service levels.


Inclusionary Zoning

At February 5 Council meeting there is a Staff report reviewing feedback to Ministry of Municipal Affairs ‘s proposed regulations for inclusionary zoning. (The latter being policies requiring residential development proposals over a certain size to include a percentage of affordable housing.)  I am posting this as I believe that many people, including myself, are concerned about the cost of housing and how so much of it is beyond the fiscal abilities of so many.  This is not an issue which I have focused on.  I found this report to insightful as to what such policies might be. The recommendations proposed by Staff sound appropriate.

400-404 link Resolution

On Feb. 5 Council there is a draft resolution requesting that the design and construction of the Highway 400-404 link be expedited.  When we received a copy of a similar resolution from another municipality earlier I indicated that I would not be supporting it.  My reason:  over last couple years I have lobbied against the GTA West Corridor (Hwy 413).  I cannot now call for this link which will be 16 kilometers of pavement.  At a very macro level I understand the need; but, I do not understand the issues, the consequences of building it.