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2018 Budget

An additional Council meeting has been scheduled for Monday Jan. 29 with the primary purpose of presentation and discussion of the draft 2018 Budget.  You can read Staff report and the draft budget here.  I will not comment on it as I have not reviewed it yet.   I will say that despite the aggressive schedule for approval. as indicated in the opening paragraph, I consider the target approval date (February 5 Council meeting) as not being cast in stone.

Sale of Current Municipal Offices

Staff report on Jan. 22 Council summarizes the negotiated agreement with Zancor for the purchase and sale of the current Township Offices & plaza.  Sale price is $10,750,000 which is 50% of total costs of new Town Hall, the new community facilities (gymnasium) and York Region Police (YRP) substation. The financing of the other 50% is the capital contribution from YRP, development charges, infrastructure reserve and about $4 million provided through debenture financing.  As reviewed in the report this negotiated agreement meets our needs in terms of timing and financial value.

Enabling Commuter Cycling

King has received a grant of $91,459 for construction of a cycling path between Hwy 27 and 10th Concession.  The grant comes from a provincial program to assist municipalities with implementation of commuter cycling infrastructure to encourage more active commuting habits.  As reviewed in the report our required share of the capital costs (20%) is covered in the funding already approved for 2018 road projects in Nobleton.  There are many gaps in our cycling infrastructure; but as there will never be the financial capability to build it “end-to-end” we need to grab the opportunities for building sections.

Sign By-law

When considering the new sign bylaw at previous Council meeting input was provided by a business owner in King Ridge that there should be opportunity for a 3rd temporary sign on the King Road frontage.  Given the feedback and discussion Staff did detailed thorough analysis of the frontage and confirmed that a 3rd sign was feasible.  Here is Staff report which includes the final bylaw.  I believe the new bylaw represents a balance between needs of our business community to promote their services and merchandise and our desire to not diminish the aesthetic of our streetscapes and landscapes with signs.

Review of 2018 Budget is Delayed

Due to unforseen circumstances the  2018 budget and business plan is not available for review now as was anticipated.  At Jan. 22 Council there is a a Staff report providing a top level perspective on the budget.  As I don’t have any of the details I cannot comment on whether I am supportive.  Its good to read that the draft budget, if approved as it is, will amount to a tax rate which is then applied to assessed value of a property, being reduced.

Although not confirmed tentative plan for presentation and review of budget is a special Council meeting Jan. 29. I anticipate that the budget will be available for public to review it before then.