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Sign By-law

When considering the new sign bylaw at previous Council meeting input was provided by a business owner in King Ridge that there should be opportunity for a 3rd temporary sign on the King Road frontage.  Given the feedback and discussion Staff did detailed thorough analysis of the frontage and confirmed that a 3rd sign was feasible.  Here is Staff report which includes the final bylaw.  I believe the new bylaw represents a balance between needs of our business community to promote their services and merchandise and our desire to not diminish the aesthetic of our streetscapes and landscapes with signs.

Review of 2018 Budget is Delayed

Due to unforseen circumstances the  2018 budget and business plan is not available for review now as was anticipated.  At Jan. 22 Council there is a a Staff report providing a top level perspective on the budget.  As I don’t have any of the details I cannot comment on whether I am supportive.  Its good to read that the draft budget, if approved as it is, will amount to a tax rate which is then applied to assessed value of a property, being reduced.

Although not confirmed tentative plan for presentation and review of budget is a special Council meeting Jan. 29. I anticipate that the budget will be available for public to review it before then.

An Act Replacing OMB

On Jan. 8th Council agenda there is a staff report reviewing implications of Bill 139, the Building Better Communities and Conserving Watershed Act.  (This is the Act which eliminates Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).)The Act provides a framework whereby those who hear appeals of Council decisions on land use applications are required to give much more regard to the policies of the local municipalities.  Other changes include restriction on what can be appealed and how the appeal is actually carried out with an objective of making the process shorter.  A critical aspect of the Act is the plan for transitioning to it:    I am in full agreement with the Staff recommendation on feedback on the transition plan except I would like to see our rationale for a different transition schedule to be stronger.


Potential for East Humber Headwaters Park!

There is no guarantee of outcome but if it comes to pass this is a fabulous development:  a new park on the Oak Ridges Moraine east of King City to be called East Humber Headwaters Park.  As indicated in the resolution this outcome is contemplated as the result of a proposed land swap between a private landowner and the Province; specifically, to swap currently owned land with lands owned by the Province in another municipality where development is already planned.   If completed there will be the opportunity to improve and restore the ecological and hydrological functions of the ORM in this natural linkage area. The proposal includes transferring the 208 hectares to Province or Toronto Regional Conservation Authority (TRCA).   

66 Main Street: intent to designate

December 11 Council agenda includes a report with a recommendation to give notice of intention to designate the principal residence at 66 Main Street Schomberg as a property meriting protection under the Ontario Heritage Act.  As reviewed this property merits such protection as it meets the criteria under the 3 categories even though it is only necessary to meet criteria of 1.  The 3 categories are that it has cultural heritage value, historical/associative value and contextual value.  The proposal to designate was initiated by Heritage Advisory Committee.  Given the deputations made at the public meeting November 13 it is evident that a significant number of residents are supportive of protecting this structure as part of a development on the property.  I am certain that preserving this structure and incorporating it into the development will result in a very positive outcome for both the property owner and the community.