2020 Community Grants

On Dec. 14 Council agenda there is a report on the 2020 community grant program.  As part of the 2020 budget there was an allocation  of $23,000 to be distributed to Community Groups/Organizations.  As reviewed in the report the awarding of grants has not been done to date due to pandemic although some applications were received prior to shutdown; in the October/November period opportunity for applications was re-advertised.  I am satisfied how the program has been carried out in this unusal year and I am supportive of the decisions on grants.

2021 Fees & Charges

On Dec. 14 Council agenda there is a report presenting fees and charges for services provided by Municipality.  It covers everything to day camp, gym use to charges for wedding licesnses, fire inspection services.

Marylake’s Request for MZO

On Council Dec. 14 agenda there is a most unusual report:  background to a request for a MZO (ministerial zoning order) to enable “redevelopment and revitalization” of a portion of the property owned by the Augustinian Fathers, Ontario  (AFOI).   Council has been asked to endorse the request to enhance the request being made to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing; but our endorsement is not a prerequisite.  For many people this property is known as where the Marylake Shrine and the brick Sir Henry Pellatt barn is. As summarized below, the vision, the dream, is exciting; but the MZO is very disturbing.  In essence the latter would enable serious violations of the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan and would ignore King’s Official Plan (OP)without any studies by hydrologists, biologists and naturalists to assess the impact of the acquifers of the Moraine, the natural heritage of the  property.  The violation of the OP is particularly significant as it defines the urban boundary of King City as being the 15th SDRD beyond which there are no services i.e. sewers and water.

I presume this request is being made now as the Ministry has been issuing many MZO’s in the last few months.  Some of them have been strongly opposed by the respective Council; many have been strongly opposed by environmental groups because of what has been enabled such as filling in a wetland so that a warehouse/distribution centre can be built.  Given this trend I presume that the AFOI think the timing is right. There is brief (more…)

Finding Council schedules, agendae and reports

There is now a civic web portal which is easily accessed to check on the dates for the various Council meetings and to see the published agendae and its reports and the minutes. Even though I am familiar how to find all these things today I am really pleased with the portal.  It is easily accessible.  Go directly to it at https://king.civicweb.net/portal/ or you can reach it from the home page of the King website in lower half by clicking on agenda, minutes. A very nice feature is that you can subscribe for notification of  meetings of interest. Here is press release for the civic web portal.  I am interested to hear your feedback.

Partnering with Mobility Matters for Seniors

Township has partnered with Mobility Matters to provide exercise program for Seniors from the safey of their own homes.  To register for these free classes and/or to get more information contact [email protected]  I am very pleased that our Staff heard the feedback from our Seniors that there was interest in such a service.  Below are the class times.