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COVID-19: Phase 1– opening up in King

As has been well publicized, and welcomed, Province has announced that we are moving into Phase 1 for opening up.  It is complicated to know what and when; please check in regularly with King’s COVID-19 page.   As has been announced many recreational services & areas are eligible to be opened up; but in all cases, where the municipality is the entity providing that service or facility, it is the municipality’s responsibility to establish and communicate protocols for ensuring that use of those services is done safely in terms of COVID-19.  It is so important that risk of transmission of the virus is mimized by safe practices.  In other words, just because the Province says you can play tennis, that doesn’t mean that municipal tennis courts will be opened immediately.  Township Staff is working hard and diligently to i) develop the right protocol for each activity and ii) develop & execute an effective communication plan.  They know that people are anxious to resume their activities.  Be patient….its for our collective good!

COVID-19 York Region Data


· Dr. Kurji asked join the province’s Rapid Response Table; the group will meet on a regular basis to review key data and information, quickly identify emerging trends and deploy targeted support and resources

· York Region provides advice on how to care for someone with COVID-19

Below is a summary of the detailed information contained in the Interactive Dashboard – Cases at //

2,142 total confirmed cases 29 new cases* since yesterday76 confirmed cases in hospital, 20 of which are in Intensive Care276 cases among health care workers, of which 167 cases have resolved*3 new fatalities

· 171 total confirmed fatalities

1,127 resolved cases, which equals about 53%

· 19 institutional outbreaks under COVID-19 protocols:


Water/Wastewater Masterplan

Monday, May 25 there will be a virtual special Committee of the Whole (COW) working session at 5 PM regarding the 2020 draft Water/Wastewater Plan.   During the working COW meeting, as ususal, the public is only able to listen to the presentation given to Council and to hear questions/comments from Council members .  The Council does not make decisions at this working session; sometime afterwards there will be a Staff report with a recommendation for Council and this will be included in a future Council meeting.  To observe the virtual COW go here.

It will be preceeded by a remote webinar-style  Public Consultation (PCC) the same day 2-4 PM.  To participate you must register; here is the link to do so.  There will be a presentation beginning at 2 with opportunity to ask questions.  If you are unfamiliar with work done to date I suggest you look at information provided in earlier information meetings.  If you cannot participate in the webinar but want to provide comments there are other means to do so; see here for details.


Support CHATS with a “click”

As longterm readers know I am very enthusiastic about CHATS (Community & Home Assistance to Seniors).  Whenever I have participated in their fundraising efforts, such as “Walk for Wellness”) many readers have supported me.  Now there is a very easy way to support CHATS and the potential benefit for CHATS is big: minimum $15,000.  Look at the picture gallery  of the  BIG Picture Drawing Contest and vote for Jennifer’s drawing.  If Jennifer’s painting is one of the top 3 drawings, in terms of votes,  CHATS will receive a portion of the funds available.  If by chance Jennifer’s drawing does not win its evident that other very worthy causes will benefit as all the young artists have identified important institutions & organizations.  I think it is very cool that 10 year old Jennifer has selected CHATS which is focussed on helping our Senior citizens to continue living in their own homes.  And I think it is a wonderful fundraising idea.  See here for information about this initiative; to get to the picture gallery click here.  

Trails Map

There is now a comprehensive map of trails in King Township. It includes all public trails in the Township regardless of ownership.  For example, it includes those operated/maintained by King and  the ORTA  trails maintained by the local Oak Ridges Moraine Association chapters.  Its very timely to have this map now available given that being out doors is even more important and special these days.    Two important advisories:  physical distancing continues to be  required on the trails; be mindful of this when you meet others out enjoying the open air.  And remember that blacklegged ticks  can be found in natural areas anywhere in York Region; cover up exposed skin when you go outside by wearing long-sleeved shirts or jackets, long pants and socks

The Cold Creek Conservation Area​ trails are open, however the access gates for vehicles remains locked until further notice. Limited parking is available in front of the main gates on the shoulder of the driveway.