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Museum & Genview: critical questions

Museum & Genview:  critical questions

Recently I stopped at our Museum:   not to view an exhibit but rather to look at it in context of the proposed Genview partnership.  I came away more convinced than ever that this partnership represents an opportunity for positive change.  To quote Councillor Mortelliti:  “An opportunity to renovate and increase programming space. An opportunity to enhance the architectural features of the building to something that is more in keeping, and more sympathetic to the old Kinghorn School.”


Re-vitalizing King City: ideas from others

Re-vitalizing King City:  ideas from others

How can we revitalize King City?  Can we learn from other places who have found themselves “in the dark, before the sun comes up?”

Newcastle, Australia has a very innovative solution: empty spaces are considered as “wasted opportunities” and they have established a process to enable temporary use of them to launch new businesses and projects and to incubate new ideas; the short term users include artisans, publishers, designers, crafters. 


Development Woes: serving constituents

With the exception of Spring Hill (the condominium for seniors on King Road in King City), the reality of development has not hit Ward 5 yet….but it’s coming.  And in the last few weeks, the importance of communication with current residents has been hi-lighted.  As all would agree, I think, developments which are not to one’s personal satisfaction are bad enough; but, not understanding what is happening, or the details of the decisions being made makes it far worse.

I keep asking myself:  how can I best serve my constituents? (more…)

Opportunity for King Museum

Opportunity for King Museum

A creative idea has been presented to the Township:  to utilize the eastern portion of our Museum for  Genview’s  sales office.  (Genview is the developer for the subdivision east of the Museum.)   The upside potential is sensitive renovation of parts of our Museum.  Less difficult to truly understand is the benefit of this first step for integrating a new subdivision into the current fabric of our community. (more…)

Council Votes: 5.66% tax increase on King portion

At 3/28 special King Council, Council voted 4/2 for a 5.66% increase on King portion of property tax.  2011 blended rate will be 2.62%; on residents with $514,000 assessment, increase is $139.90/year. (more…)