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Budget 2020 Meeting Times

As I posted recently there has been a report to Council about the 2020 budget process.  Here is a detailed summary of the various upcoming meetings, including public consultation meetings, both when and where.  The first public consultation one is Tuesday, September 17 at 7 pm at Municipal Centre; second one is Thursday, Sept 26 at 7 in Nobleton.  Note: presentations, information presented at either of these meetings is not specific to a village or area; budget is for the Township.

New Development on King Road

Tuesday, September 24 there is a Public Information Session for a proposed development  at the former site of the township office (2075 King Road.)  This is an excellent opportunity to review the proposal, to see visuals and to talk to the developer in order to ask questions and provide feedback.  At some point, likely in the following 2-4 months there will be a public meeting held as part of a Council meeting; it is at this meeting where you  formally provide feedback to C0uncil.  The proposed development is important due to its size:  a 5-6 storey structure is proposed with about 252 units with amenities.  Here are more details.  The PIC is at the King Centre Arena & Community Centre from 6:30-8:30.  Note: typically these sessions are open house and drop in format.

MTO News re: 16th SDRD

Ministry of Transport has finally provided update on the closure of 16th SDRD:  unfortunately it will continue to be closed until June 2020.  VERY frustrating for many people as this is 2 1/2 years later than originally announced.  Below is the notice Twshp. has provided on the King page in King Weekly Sentinel; in addition there is news about Lloydtown Aurora Rd crossing of Hwy 400.

Schomberg Street Gallery




This is a wonderful event:  in addition to seeing the art and meeting the artists there is the simple pleasure of strolling along Main Street in historic Schomberg.  And, there are unique cafes for picking up a delicious treat.

Sunday September 15  10-5


Tree Bylaw: feedback wanted!

Last day to provide feedback on the draft tree bylaw is Sept. 9; please provide your comments on [email protected]. Staff will then be assessing feedback and will bring to Council a revised draft bylaw unless they should determine that there is more work to be done.  As I have posted earlier I am very supportive of a bylaw which protects and promotes the trees on private property.  No bylaw is perfect; by their nature they are a restriction on activity.  But I believe we are vulnerable without such a bylaw given the amount of change happening in our 3 settlement areas which is the area affected by the draft.  e.g  New owners of property come into the Municipal Office and inquire about regulations including asking about a tree bylaw; our answer is “there no bylaw”. People acquire lots with the long term intention of developing them; without a tree bylaw we have no ability restrict the removal of trees or to get compensation for such. Please help us achieve a good bylaw for King.