KC & Schomberg Zoning Bylaw Amendments proposal

On March 9 Council agenda there is a report on a proposed Public Meeting to address the identified need to amend the currnent zoning bylaw for Schomberg and King City to address the fact that there are some areas which do not have appropriate indicators for maximum lot coverage and minimum permeable surface.  Its complicated and I need to ask some questions.  As both of these indicators are important I am glad that attention is being paid to this.

2019 Tax Adjustments

On March 9 Council agenda there is a report summarizing 2019 tax adjustments and supplementary taxes. As reviewed in the report there are several reasons for these adjustments with the main one being assessment changes.  Important question will be how much was built into the 2020 budget and how any incremental will be allocated.

Council Remuneration Report

On Council March 9 agenda there is the annual report of  Council remuneration and expenses in 2019.



Interesting Series With Speakers

1st meeting is Thursday March 5 7pm with roster of experts talking about trees: role in mitigating climate change, community vs personal ownership, the science.

Public Info Session: new residential beside KC library

On Tuesday March 3rd there is opportunity for public to look at plans & drawings for a proposal to build townhomes on the property immediately west of the King City library.   This developer hosted open house is from 6:30-8pm at King City Arena in Lions Room on 2nd floor.  This is excellent time to learn about the proposal, talk to the builders, ask questions. Here is invitation. (Note:  the info session is March 3 although the one document which I am providing indicates a February date.  My apologies….I don’t have a corrected version.)

This application requires amendments to the official plan and zoning bylaw.  The public meeting for this is scheduled for the March 23 Council meeting. (Note:  As our new official plan, Our King, is not yet approved by York Region the OP amendment for this application will be against the current one; but I fully expect that the planning report on the application will comment on how it relates to “Our King.”)

Transportation Masterplan (TMP): final draft

On February 24 agenda there is the draft TMP with a recommendation for Council to approve it.  Changes have been made to draft presented in previous Council which, I believe, enhance the value of this masterplan.  I commented earlier about the plan; and want to make a couple additional comments.  I do have a couple points which I will be raising at Council; but overall I think this is a valuable document in defining the gaps in our infrastructure (either existing today or likely to exist given developments) which need to be addressed, and what actions we (more…)