I have been elected three times to serve the residents of King Township as the Councillor for ward 5.  I am inspired to seek a fourth term because of what has been accomplished and the work that is still to be done.

I have been a champion of initiatives to improve quality of life in King including the new Township Wide Recreation Centre, the King City Library and Seniors Centre, and upgrades and enhancements to two neighbourhood parks in King City.  I am proud that these are being done in a fiscally sustainable way.  I have focussed on both the updating and development of new policies, such as the Official Plan and Zoning Bylaws; my personal success criteria for such has been engagement with constituents.  I have never deviated from my belief that we cannot justify incursions into the Greenbelt and Oak Ridges Moraine as it is possible to create diverse housing and employment without doing so.  I was one of the first Council members to raise the critical question as to what action King will take in response to climate change and have championed initiatives, such as a zero emissions target for the new recreation centre. And, I am a strong advocate for engaging all who live and work in King to participate in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

If given the opportunity to serve for another 4 years I will continue with these same principles.  You can read my platform here.

I believe my experience and skills are particularly valuable for the new term (2022-2026) of Council as the challenges for King Township Council are significant.

If you want me to continue being Councillor of Ward 5, I need your vote. 

I welcome your support in other ways including making a donation to my campaign.  Please contact me to discuss.

Finally, throughout the campaign I am still the acting councillor for Ward 5.   I will continue to use this blog to inform you of issues within the Township which are being assessed at the Council table and will continue to tell you about events happening in the Township which are of interest.

I have valued comments received from readers either on this blog or separately; I hope this will continue.

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Apartments & Condo on Dufferin

On September 26 Council agenda there is a staff report recommending several important things. 1. Recommends granting an exemption to the moratorium restricting Official Plan Amendments (OPA) applications.  2. Recommends approving a specific OPA application. 3. Recommends approval of a zoning bylaw amendment application. 4.  Recommends how to deal with the current buildings on the property;...

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On September 26 Council agenda there is a staff report presenting the Staff’s assessment that an application to install a cell phone tower on the south side the 15th sideroad west of 7th concession meets our protocols. As reviewed in the report the municipality is not the approver of such applications but we do have a protocol which must be met. This protocol ensures that there has been...

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