Trees of Giving

The Trees of Giving are now on display at the Heritage & Cultural Centre.  Look them over. Admire the creativity of your fellow residents to decorate a tree in an innovative manner.  Numerous community groups have submitted a tree including the King City Skating Club, Arts Society King, King Township Historical Society to name only a few.  This year the beneficiary of the donations is Hope House Community Hospice.  And how to donate to this very worthy cause?  Select your favourite tree (or trees) and put a loonie in the bucket.  King Council submitted a tree too…see to your left.  This is the 5th year that Trees of Giving has occurred.

Heritage and Culture Masterplan: Council Working Session

Monday, December 2 at 5 pm there is a working session with Council.  Public are very welcome to attend and hear the presentation by Staff and the questions and comments from Council.  At a later date the Staff will be presenting for approval a masterplan.

3 festive events

Each of the villages have festive events.  For more information click here.

Draft Tree By-law

At November 18 Council there is a report on the draft tree bylaw for private property in the 3 villages.  As reviewed in the report there has been a significant public consultation process since the draft was presented at Council in June.  I am shocked at the feedback as it is does not reflect what I have heard in my election campaigns and in subsequent conversations with constituents. Of course I have heard a variety of viewpoints; and I know that for some there is a deep concern about the priority of personal property rights.  In addition, since the draft was released both this blog and in personal emails I have heard opposition; hence I didn’t expect the survey to show unanimous endorsement but I didn’t expect what was the outcome. I am not comfortable in accepting Staff recommendation to simply drop the bylaw concept for reasons I have identified below. I also do not understand the alternative tools proposed for further investigation and will be asking for more information.


How To Meet Our 45% Reduction in GHG

On Council agenda for Nov. 18 there is the Staff report for Township’s Corporate Energy Management and Conservation Plan 2019-2023.  It has been drafted to align with the aggressive target of 45% reduction of GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions by 2030.  The report is comprehensive in defining sources of GHG, positive initiatives & impact thereof already underway, options for reducing GHG.  The required investments for the latter is not yet fully defined and accordingly how we will fund them is still uncertain.  As indicated the upcoming budget process will start to address the latter.  I am optimistic after studying the report:  the necessary analysis of current state has been done; we have already done some worthwhile projects; specific recommendations are identified.


Tatton Court OPA amendments

At November 18 Council there is report for the redesignation of land to enable construction of 25 townhouses.  This is very positive for King City as the housing stock currently is almost exclusively single detached and most of the new houses are large.  This proposal is a good variation.