Come to Volunteer Appreciation

Volunteer Appreciation Night:   Thursday, April 26 7 PM at Country Day School

Come to celebrate the wonderful volunteers in King who contribute so much to the quality of our lives. We will be acknowledging individuals of all ages who have been nominated by the community for their contributions.  Its truly a great evening.  There is no charge to come.

Help Clean Up King for Spring!

It looks like spring is arriving and will stay!  Enjoy the sun & air and spend some time with friends, neighbours & family to help clean up our streets and roads this weekend.  Here is the full list of Township events for King Loves Spring.  

ASK & Township Partnership

On the April 23rd Council agenda there is a recommendation for a 3 year partnership with Arts Society King (ASK).  As indicated in the report this builds on a 1 year “pilot” program.  The agreement is comprehensive in that expectations of each of the two parties is well defined.  I believe that ASK delivers significant value to the Township as it delivers against its mission of promoting, supporting and advocating for arts and culture.  Given that ASK is a volunteer organization it is truly remarkable the impact it has on King’s quality of life.  All municipalities deliver some degree of services and programming in response to its community’s desire for arts and culture.  Compared to the larger municipalities with their relatively large budgets, we are very dependent on a volunteer organization to deliver arts and culture; the impact of these volunteers is truly enhanced by the kind of partnership which has been forged with the Township, namely  Parks, Recreation & Culture.

Grant for Eversley Church

Staff report on April 23rd Council agenda recommends approval of a heritage permit application for replacement of main door of the Eversley Church on Dufferin.  As reviewed in the report the work is being done such that the outcome is authentic to the period and that the heritage features are respected.  In addition it is recommended that the property owner be awarded a heritage grant of $6,000 to contribute to the project.  As indicated in the report, the project is very much needed as deterioration is visible.  The Heritage Advisory Committee and Council play an important role in protecting worthy heritage properties but we need property owners to pay attention to the conditions of their property and to take appropriate action.  Our heritage grant program is available for owners of designated properties.  I am delighted to see it being used to help with the project.

Hwy 27 to Rebellion Way

On April 23 Council agenda there is a Staff recommendation for contractor to “fix” the 19th SDRD between Hwy 27 and Rebellion Way.  In an earlier post I reviewed alternatives to the initial recommendation to fully reconstruct the road.  At the November 13 meeting there was productive discussion, including deputations, which resulted in Council asking for pulverizing & resurfacing the road and replacing the culverts.  The contract being awarded at the 4/23 meeting is for $865,000 which is not only far less vs the initial proposal ($2.4 million) but importantly delivers a road format which is appropriate as the “country feel” of this stretch of the road including many trees will be retained.

King City North East: public meeting

On May 7 there is a public meeting for the subdivision referred to often as the North East Landowners Group; this is the development planned for west of Dufferin and south of 15th SDRD; here is formal notice.  This is a very large subdivision for about 1,000 homes.  This development is made of lands owned and planned for by 7 developers.  At the statutory meeting presentations will be made by King Planning and the developer (i.e. someone representing all 7).  The Staff report will be public on May 2 or 3; in advance you can visit Planning and ask to see specific reports submitted.  At the statutory public meeting public is invited to ask questions, identify concerns/issues and/or show support. This meeting will be under the new regime of the LPAT; in an earlier post I have identified some of the differences between the LPAT and the traditional regime of the OMB.