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OPA application for Patton Street

At December 11 Council meeting there is a statutory public meeting to address an application for a zoning bylaw amendment (OPA) to rezone a lot to “Core Area King City. ”  As reviewed in the report this application is really a correction to what should have been included when the new King City Urban Area bylaw was done earlier this year.

Sustainable Plan for Hambly House

At November 27  Council meeting there is statutory public meeting for a planning application to re-develop the lands at north west corner of Hwy 27 and King Road in Nobleton.  (Follow link provided and see agenda item 6.2.) The re-development includes the designated heritage property, Hambly House, at Hwy. 27/King Road.  If you have a point of view on this application you can either attend and make a verbal deputation; or you can send in your comments to the Clerk at [email protected]


What do you want to see at new Recreation Facility?

King will be building new multi-use Recreation Facility on south east corner of 15th Sideroad and Dufferin (on Seneca lands). It will have both indoor and outdoor recreation opportunities. You input is very much needed now as the design process begins. Please let us know what you would like to see at this facility: do the survey, attend on of the upcoming public consultation meetings:  11/20 (Monday) at Township Office in Council Chambers, 11/23 (Thursday) at Trisan Centre, 11/28 (Tuesday) Holland Marsh Christian School in Ansnorveldt.  See here for more information about this new facility and opportunities to provide input.


Brownsville Junction: 4 new townhouses on flood plain

On Council agenda for 10/30 there is a Planning Report regarding an application for 4 town homes to be built at Cooper Drive and Dr. Kay. Given that approval of the requested Official Plan Amendment and the zoning bylaw amendment results in residential being built on what is flood plain, an identified Environmental Constrain Area, I am very uncomfortable with the report as it stands.  In last 4 months we have seen the impact of building on flood plains.  I need to understand far more why we would be approving this application at this stage.  As indicated there are numerous conditions still to be addressed before they could commence construction; why don’t we wait until those conditions are met?

Committee Of Adjustment: Review by Planning

Planning Department is proposing to engage more routinely in the Committee of Adjustment (CofA) process.  The latter is the process whereby property owners request “minor variances,” in addition to consent/severance applications.  To date Planning Staff do provide advice on the latter to the Committee but do not for the former.  For reasons identified in the report I believe their plan to provide advice for minor variances is very welcomed.  But, I do wonder about the effort to do so and if it is feasible within current budget.   Here is report.  

As indicated, the ultimate decision on minor variance still rests with the Committee.