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LTC at Marylake Monastery

On Feb. 8th Council agenda there is a staff report recommending a strategy for moving forward on the previously expressed interest of the Augustinian Fathers (Ontario), Inc (AFOI) to have a long term care facility (LTC) at Marylake.  The recommendations have surprised me; and given the information provided in the report I have signifcant concerns.  To recap history:  in December there was request for endorsement by Council to endorse a MZO to enable creation of a LTC, along with other facilities  (e.g. hotel, retirement village) at Marylake.  Council rejected with a 6/1 vote endorsing a MZO and recommended the estalishment of a roundtable to consult and discuss details of potential future uses and options.   (click here on minutes and go to page 4.)   As reviewed in the report, the latter has not occurred; and what we, Council, are now being asked is the following: i) accept that an LTC can be built there and be in compliance with the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan (ORMCP), ii) delegate authority to Director to approve the site plan application when it is submitted.  The significance of the latter is that neither Council nor Public will know the basis for determining that the impact on the environmental features at Marylake are insignificant and hence that the LTC should be permitted.


Zoning Bylaw Amendment in Laskay

In Council February 8 agenda there is a report recommending an amendment to the zoning at 12828 Weston Road such that a new lot can be created and that a secondary dwelling in the form of an apartment in an accessory structure be permitted.  I am very supportive of the outcome of this project and its evident that a very thorough analysis has been conducted.  Its clear that there was signficant complexity:  the landscape includes TRCA regulated area,;there was already a secondary dwelling which had been created with no permits; the servicing plan (water and septic) had to be approved by the Medical Officer of YR.  Here are the schedules and appendices for the the report.

Click to access A223258C2C714EFAB7F8A4C5FB11669C-COW%20Item%20_3%20-%20GMS-PL-2021-004%20-%20Schedules%20and%20Appe.pdf


More Flooding Ahead with powerless Conservation Authorities

There is an adage that you don’t recognize the value of something until it is gone.  We are on the verge of losing something which effectively reduces flood risks and is instrumental in having clean drinking water.  I am speaking of the attack on the Conservation Authorities (CA’s).  Within a bill of budgetary measures in response to COVID-19 there is a schedule 6 which essentially emasculates the CA’s.  If you agree that the CA’s are important you need to make your opposition known quickly as  Bill 229 is being rushed through given the urgency of the budget; further (more…)

Redside Dace Habitat: threat

In a recent post I expressed great concern about a proposed amendment to the Growth PlanMore Sprawl for Greater Golden Horseshoe which, as is, will enable more sprawl and increasing risk on the habitat of endangered species. There are unfortunately too many of the latter; one which always attracts my attention is the redside dace.  As a layperson I think of this little fish as an indicator of a stream or creek health. I am fortunate to have the Kettleby Creek running through my property; several times Lake Simcoe Conservation Property have visited to assess fish diversity and to date they have always found redside dace in to. Given this personal interest I was impressed with a feature in one of the complimentary magazines delivered with one of the local papers:  well written, informative information about several species at risk, including redside dace.  Describeswhy development threatens it; how building new subdivisions and roads affects its habitat.   You can read it below.


Public Meeting for Big Initiative on King Rd in King City

At Council on November 18 there is the statutory public meeting for the development application for the former site of the municipal hall i.e. s(condo style), 5-6 stories.  The proposal includes a variety of unit sizes (one bedroom to three bedroom); 2 levels of underground parking.  As proposed there is benefit of truly a break through in kinds of housing opportunity in King; and given the range of sizes there will be a range of prices. Having said that I have concerns which I will identify below.  If you too have concerns or questions come to the public meeting and present them.  If you are unable to attend you can send an email to [email protected] who will provide your comments to the Council and they will be included in the public record.