Water& Wastewater Study and Rates

On Council agenda there is an agenda item of great interest to anyone on municipal services (water and wastewater): a presentation by Watson and Associates.   As our water rates are very much informed by the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act this presentation is a good way to understand why the Watson study for 2021 and the following years indicates the needs for rate increases.   The intent of the Jan. 11 Council agenda is not to make a decision on the rates nor to receive a recommendation from Staff as to what the rates should be; rather the Jan. 11 meeting is to understand the facts, so to speak.  As noted in the staff report the Watson study includes a recommended increase of 13% for 2021 and 3% annually thereafter through to 2029.  The Watson presentation is available now to review; but you can also hear a presentation on the live stream of the Council meeting.  Staff will be presenting a recommmendation for rates in the Jan. 25 Council; it will certainly consider the Watson study but also will be done with the perspective of Council’s direction for the 2021 budget i.e be as close to zero as possible.


Mary Lake Estates: assumption of external works

On January 11 Council agenda there is report recommending that Township assume the external works infrastructure built in the Mary Lakes subdvision.  As reviewed the work were all constructed/installed on Oct. 31, 2018; since then the required 2 year maintenace period has passed and quality and completeness of all the work has been reviewed by Township’s consultants.  In. addition to the “hard” works boulevard trees are also part of this process; for them there is a continued 2 year maintenance period for the trees.  (The latter point is covered in Appendix B.)

Fence Bylaw Amendment

On Jan. 11 Council agenda there is report recommending an amendment to fence bylaw in order to ensure there is clarity on the need for enclosing a pool and to identify that it is an offence to operate a pool without conforming to the bylaw.  I know that some people have found the current regime as being ambiguous; hence I am very comfortable with the amendment.

2021 Budget : want to hear from you

2021 budget process is well underway.  Consultation in different ways  is now being sollicted: there is a survey, your ideas are requested, attend  virtual public consultation on January 20.  Go to our digital community engagement platform speaking.king to see & read the budget binder, to take the survey etc.  Here is the press release announcing the initiative.

The draft budget proposes an increase of 1.13% versus 2020.  (Recall that in recognition of the financial impact of COVID Council directed Staff to bring a budget as close to zero as possible.)  There have been some tough choices made.  e.g.  the 10 year paving strategy revealed that the current policy of annually adding $2.5 million from the operating budget to capital is not adequate for getting our whole road network to standard within the next 10 years; hence there is risk that roads will deteriorate and fall below acceptable condition.  The 2021 budget does not increase the (more…)

Municipality to Citizens: communication tools

Just a reminder of the new communication channels.

King Bulletin is easy way to be updated on Twshp initiatives.  If you haven’t subscribed I recommend that you do so.  Click here.

A new truly easy way to find out what is on the Council agenda.    Here is my post about it.  Note the opportunity to request notification of different topics being put on the agenda.

And there is speaking which is our online engagement tool.  If you hve not registered yet I encourage you to do so as your engagement is imoportant.