Stateview Public Meeting

At Monday, March 18 Council meeting at 6 PM there is a public meeting for the Stateview Development.  This is the opportunity for the public to express comments, questions and concerns.  There is no need to register for making a deputation; just come to the meeting and wait until deputations are made.  Prior to this part of the meeting Staff will present their report.  No decision is made at this meeting.  One of the follow up’s from this meeting will be that Staff follows up on points raised by the public and are answered in subsequent report.  The Staff report will be on the website by close of business on the Thursday before.  Here is formal notice of the meeting.

Acknowledging a Volunteer

Last day for nominating a volunteer for acknowledgment because they have made a difference in your community is Tuesday March 12.  For nomination details see here.

2019 budget

2019 budget was tabled at recent Council. Our draft operating budget is about $31 million for 2019 with a proposed net tax levy increase of 2.8% over 2018. Mayor asked Staff to identify opportunities for lowering to 2.3%  You can review the budget in great detail.  Proposed new or modified programs/services are reviewed at tab 15.  The budget will be on the March 18 Council agenda.  Let me know what your thoughts are on the matter.  I will be providing my perspective in a few days as I have not yet completed my review.  In an earlier post I did review how the proposed 2.8% would impact your property tax bill.  As you review the budget keep in mind that we will be approving only the 2019 budget; the out years are forecasts.

Community Grants

If you are involved with a non profit community program which provides programs to the community your group may be eligible to receive a grant from the Township.  Applications for a grant must be submitted by April 1.  Here is a link to the criteria and application form.  If you are unsure don’t hesitate to contact the Clerk ([email protected]) to understand further eligibility etc.  Our annual budget process includes setting aside funds for this program; once the budget is approved the applications are reviewed and Council determines which grants will be given.


2019-22 Draft Budget

The draft operating and capital budgets for 2019-2022 have been released and are on Council agenda 2/25.  Ultimately Council will be approving only the budgets for 2019.   The capital for the recommended projects over the 4 years is $125.7 million.  Our draft operating budget is about $31 million for 2019 with a proposed net tax levy increase of 2.8% over 2018. As was the case for 2018, if the assessed value of your property increases more than 6.56 % you will see the local municipal portion of your tax bill to increase more than 2.8%.  If it increased less than 6.56% it will increase less and may decrease. I think it is very progressive that we are looking at 4 years as it will enable better planning of resources, both financial and people.

There will be formal presentation to Council on Monday 2.25; this is the 1st agenda items so if you want to hear the presentation  be there at 6.  A few individuals did attend the consultations on 2/20 and 2/21.  I benefited from hearing some of the questions asked by the residents. Glad they came; just with there had been more people.