Conservation Areas Re-opening

As the statistics about COVID-19 in Ontario are improving steadily  the re-opening of our economic and cultural structures is starting.  A couple days ago an expanded list of businesses and activities permitted to operate with required and appropriate safety protocols was announced.  And yesterday,Saturday, Premier announced that provincial parks and conservation areas can be re-opened for limited day time use starting May 11.   Compared to those in very urban areas we, in King, have still had access to open outdoor space because of our rural character before this announcement.   But, even for King, the opening up of these areas is very much welcomed. As it spring, the trilliums and other spring flowers are starting to appear and being on these trails is particularly rewarding.  Over the next few days King, York Region and the conservation authorities will provide specifics as to what is allowed and what is still prohibited.  Playground structures are still off limits.  Camping is not permitted.  And in all cases we need to maintain physical distancing as we want to ensure that we don’t have a spike in COVID-19.

Temporary Road Closure Jane St. south of King Road

Starting Monday, May 11 at 7 AM there is a 6 day closure of Jane St. from King Road to King Vaughan Road to enable replacement of a culvert.  Re-opening is scheduled for Saturday May 16 at 7pm. Per announcement from York Region: ” During the temporary closure, traffic will not be permitted across the culvert work location. Local access to Jane Street will be maintained from King Vaughan Road to properties south of the culvert work location and from King Road to properties north of the culvert work location.”

Diversions, Activities for All

King At Home is a treasure chest of ideas for how to bring some lightness, some fun into our daily lives.  After 6 weeks of living with the restrictions required to do my part in flattening the curve, to make our community safe & healthy again, I was delighted to check out King At Home for some new ideas.  I am intrigued about the “rural change makers” initiative advertised in the “learning at home” page; looks like a fabulous opportunity for adults age 18-29.  As I have been reading the unread books in my own library I had started to forget about the wealth of programs available in our King libraries.  I knew that libraries are more than books and rooms for studying with some school friends but I wasn’t taking advantage of it. King At Home reminded me to check it out.   In the libraries I  saw notice for a “quaran-teen” writing contest; cool idea for the teens.  The “Active at Home” page has good links for yoga which I have taken advantage of.  So…do check it out.  And if you have ideas for other initiatives which may be of interest to your community let the Staff know.

COVID Announcements and Stats

Below is  Mayor Pellegrini’s Facebook posting on Sunday May 3



The Prime Minister announced:

  • A $240 million investment to bring health care online for primary and mental health care; funding will increase access and resources for Canadians by supporting the implementation of online tools and virtual appointments
  • $175.6 million to Vancouver-based biotech firm AbCellera Biologics, which researches and discovers next-generation antibody drugs to fight infection and disease
  • AbCellera has identified over 500 antibodies directly from a patient who has recovered from COVID-19
  • Funding will help accelerate and expand AbCellera’s capabilities to combat COVID-19
  • AbCellera and its partners expect human clinical trials to begin in July 2020 or earlier
  • A new COVID-19 Supply Council has been formed and tasked to find vital supplies to keep Canadians safe
  • A one-time top-up to the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) – eligible families will receive an extra $300 per child as part of their regular May payment to help deal with added pressures of COVID-19


Community Groups

If you are involved with a non profit community program which provides programs to the community, your group may be eligible to receive a grant from the Township.  Applications for a grant must be submitted by May 15.  Here is a link to the criteria and application form.  If you are unsure don’t hesitate to contact the Clerks Department  ([email protected]) to understand further eligibility etc.  Our annual budget process includes setting aside funds for this program; once the budget is approved the applications are reviewed and Council determines which grants will be given.