Janeking and King Hill

On March 1 there is the statutory public meeting for applications for 3 parcels in the area south east of King Road  and Jane; except for those who are very cognizant of planning processes this can be confusing.  I think the staff report does a pretty good job in explaining what is being considered.  1.  As reviewed the parcel, called King Hill,  (which was once owned by Magna) is still zoned for a variety of low-rise, low density offices or industrial buidlings with some limited commercial uses.  And its indicated that a previous request to convert some of these lands to residential has been withdrawn.  2.  South of King Hill there is a development proposal to build a variety of residential uses including single detached, townhouses and lifestyle units geared towards Seniors.  No decisions are made at a statutory public meeting; rather, its an opportunity for the public to identify concerns concerns, ask questions.  As the meeting is being conducted virtually it is necessary to register to make a deputation; alternatively you can send (more…)

Thinking About An Electric Car Purchase?

This Wednesday, 2/24, is the second in a series about electric cars hosted by Climate Action King.  If you are wondering about the wisdom of purchasing one tune in at 7PM.  For registration go to www.ClimateActionKing.ca. 




As announced Friday (2/19) we are moving into the red control zone on February 22.    This is good news, particularly for our retaidl sector.  Let us all continue to be very careful and vigilant as we, as a total community, are still at risk.  And I will take this opportunity to thank people for being vigilant to date.  And I so appreciate the efforts of those working in essential services.

Stateview (High Crown Estates) Project

On February 22 Council agenda there is a report on the Stateview (High Crown Estates) development on east side of Keele south of Dennison. As I review below this application has been active for 2 years.  The timing for this report is that a LPAT (local planning area tribunal) is scheduled for June 2021; hence it is appropriate to advise the public as to how the proposal has evolved and to hear comments.   To access the report and all appendices see the meeting agenda and scroll down.  There was a public meeting for this application in March 2019.  At that point I expressed serious concern about the intensity and the encroachment into the buffers.  Two years later I still have those concerns.  If you want (more…)

Lake Simcoe Protection Plan

On Council agenda there is a report with the proposed response of King to the consultation on the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan (LSPP).  As indicated in the report the Province has not proposed any amendments to the LSPP but has indicated intent to hear from various stakeholders about lessons learned during its first 10 years, to hear new learnings from the science; all this may lead to amendments to the LSPP, which, if there are any they will be posted on the Environmental Registry for further consultation.  At the Council meeting there will be a presentation from the  Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition.  To access the report and its schedules see the meeting agenda and scroll down.  If you want to make a deptuation on this agenda items you need to register at [email protected] or  905-833-4068 by noon on February 22. 

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