Interesting Series With Speakers

1st meeting is Thursday March 5 7pm with roster of experts talking about trees: role in mitigating climate change, community vs personal ownership, the science.

Public Info Session: new residential beside KC library

On Tuesday March 3rd there is opportunity for public to look at plans & drawings for a proposal to build townhomes on the property immediately west of the King City library.   This developer hosted open house is from 6:30-8pm at King City Arena in Lions Room on 2nd floor.  This is excellent time to learn about the proposal, talk to the builders, ask questions. Here is invitation. (Note:  the info session is March 3 although the one document which I am providing indicates a February date.  My apologies….I don’t have a corrected version.)

This application requires amendments to the official plan and zoning bylaw.  The public meeting for this is scheduled for the March 23 Council meeting. (Note:  As our new official plan, Our King, is not yet approved by York Region the OP amendment for this application will be against the current one; but I fully expect that the planning report on the application will comment on how it relates to “Our King.”)

Transportation Masterplan (TMP): final draft

On February 24 agenda there is the draft TMP with a recommendation for Council to approve it.  Changes have been made to draft presented in previous Council which, I believe, enhance the value of this masterplan.  I commented earlier about the plan; and want to make a couple additional comments.  I do have a couple points which I will be raising at Council; but overall I think this is a valuable document in defining the gaps in our infrastructure (either existing today or likely to exist given developments) which need to be addressed, and what actions we (more…)

By-law Report: stats and plans

Februry 24 Council agenda includes a report from By-law; its entitled 2019 statistics but it also includes information on program & service improvements.  The productivity of the division is noteable:  since 2016 there has been 81% more complaints with no additional staffing except for some seasonal temporary persons.  I am happy to see on the work plan a revised/updated bylaw for property standards, development of a process to address to issues and complaints triggered by infill construction, new bylaw to respond to the uinfortunate reality of illegal fill/dumping across the Township.

Road Closure: Lloydtown Aurora Rd /400

Feb. 22 and 23 the Lloydtown Aurora Road will be closed over the 400.  Ramps on & off 400 will be accessible.