Thank you for clean up

Thank you to all who gave time and energy to clean up the roads throughout out beautiful King these last few weeks.  Its evident that hundreds of bags were filled.  As everyone says we shouldn’t have to do this; but unfortunately it is necessary.

North East King City Development

On Council agenda there is staff report for the development south of 15th SDRD/west of Dufferin.  In this report it is being recommended that the Functional Servicing/Development Area Study (FS/DAS) be approved once the many identified issues and conditions are met.  The FS/DAS is a comprehensive set of studies supporting and informing the establishment of developable areas of the lands owned by eight entities, with a combined area of 205 ha. The residential units include 921 single detached, 73, townhouses and 77 seniors lifestyle condominium townhouses.  An approved FS/DAS is a precursor to the final draft subdivision plan. I am pleased to see that multi use paths (MUP) are being incorporated into the plan along 15th SDRD and Dufferin and that there are more townhouses than previously proposed.  (more…)

Official Plan for King: public meetings

Official Plan Public Meetings are starting.  First one is May 1 at 7PM.  For two others see below.  You can go to anyone. Format is a presentation and then questions & answers.

Annual Grant Allocation to Groups

In Monday Council agenda there is a report reviewing the recommended grant allocations to Community Groups & Organizations.  The annual operating budget includes $23,ooo for grants.  Of that a portion has already been granted but $18,250 remains.  In this report there are are recommendations for $10,850.  I am going to be asking about some of the choices to understand the proposed allocations.  I don’t think there is a question about the “value” of what these groups are delivering to the community; the issue is simply how to divide the dollars budgeted.




Assuring Parkland in Nobleton

In the April 29 Council agenda there is a report recommending purchase of land from YRDSB on King Road in Nobleton which was previously Nobleton Junior Public School.  As reviewed there are a several benefits to this acquisition but most importantly ownership  assures continued use of parklands which have been used since establishment of the Nobleton Community Lions Park in 1986. In the parklands is a soccer field which is relied on by Township and user groups.  A funding plan for the acquisition is identified.  As indicated the Township will likely be declaring as surplus some of the acreage which fronts onto King Road; revenues from such will be which will be directed to the parkland reserve which is major source of the funding.