How To Meet Our 45% Reduction in GHG

On Council agenda for Nov. 18 there is the Staff report for Township’s Corporate Energy Management and Conservation Plan 2019-2023.  It has been drafted to align with the aggressive target of 45% reduction of GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions by 2030.  The report is comprehensive in defining sources of GHG, positive initiatives & impact thereof already underway, options for reducing GHG.  The required investments for the latter is not yet fully defined and accordingly how we will fund them is still uncertain.  As indicated the upcoming budget process will start to address the latter.  I am optimistic after studying the report:  the necessary analysis of current state has been done; we have already done some worthwhile projects; specific recommendations are identified.


Tatton Court OPA amendments

At November 18 Council there is report for the redesignation of land to enable construction of 25 townhouses.  This is very positive for King City as the housing stock currently is almost exclusively single detached and most of the new houses are large.  This proposal is a good variation.

Budget 2020 Meetings

At December 2nd Council meeting there will be presentation of 2020 water and wastewater report as has been scheduled.  But, other meetings re: 2020 budget have been pushed back to January.  See here for the revised schedule.


Public Meeting for Big Initiative on King Rd in King City

At Council on November 18 there is the statutory public meeting for the development application for the former site of the municipal hall i.e. s(condo style), 5-6 stories.  The proposal includes a variety of unit sizes (one bedroom to three bedroom); 2 levels of underground parking.  As proposed there is benefit of truly a break through in kinds of housing opportunity in King; and given the range of sizes there will be a range of prices. Having said that I have concerns which I will identify below.  If you too have concerns or questions come to the public meeting and present them.  If you are unable to attend you can send an email to [email protected] who will provide your comments to the Council and they will be included in the public record.


Traffic Calming: we want to slow down the traffic

At our November 4 Council meeting we spent considerable time hearing from constituents about speeding in their neighbourhood; that then triggered discussion about speeding problems throughout the Township.  To get a better understanding of the problem people are requested to review the TRAFFIC CALMING initiative on [email protected]  Please answer the survey.  (To do the survey you must register.)  Thursday November 21 6-8 PM at the Municipal Centre there is a public information session; residents across the Township are invited to attend. (more…)