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Keele Streetscaping

Keele Street (Station Road to King Road) is getting a face lift this year including new sidewalks on both sides.  The street is not being widened.  (In 2019 there is similar project on King Road (new municipal hall to library.) 

Magna Lands: request for warehousing

Here is Staff report on an application from Magna to amend the zoning by-law for their property at south west corner of Jane and King Road.  The requested amendment is to allow warehousing at their site which is zoned prestige employment.  On April 9th at Council there is the statutory public meeting which is the opportunity for citizens to voice concerns, ask questions, indicate support.  To my mind this is truly a case where there is inadequate information to make an assessment.  Two top questions are: how much and for what purpose.  As this property is of particular importance to King’s economic development I encourage you to attend this public meeting.


Replacing the OMB with LPAT

There is a dramatic change in land use planning in Ontario; as of April 3rd any new appeals on decisions (or lack of decisions) by Council will be through the Land Use Planning Tribunal (LPAT) as opposed to the OMB. As I consider one of my responsibilities to be informing my constituents of opportunities to be involved in land use planning decisions I want to provide my perspective on the impact of LPAT on citizen engagement.  Its important to clarify that there are several important appeals, in process,  which have been grandfathered to be conducted per the protocols of the OMB.  The key take away for citizens with LPAT is as follows.  i) Diligently assess planning applications early; ii) Ensure that Official Plans will drive the evolution in your community that you want.


King City North East Development

Open house/information session is being held on Thursday March 29 from 6:30-8:30 PM  for the large residential subdivision proposed for the lands south of 15th sideroad/west of Dufferin.  There will be no formal presentation; from 6:30-8:30 public is invited to view the information boards and talk with the representatives of the developers.  There will be the statutory public meeting for this development at a later date.  Session is at King City Library. This development is unlike other ones in that there is a good variety of housing types:  life style condominiums, townhouses and single detached homes.   Here are some of the details.

Bushland Heights

Here is Staff report on the Bushland Heights application for which there is  the statutory public meeting on February 5.  As I reviewed earlier, this development proposal is very significant as it for a small subdivision of 88 single detached houses on land characterized as rolling landscape with two tributaries of the East Humber traversing it.  In addition to the environmental concerns there is the question of access to this subdivision.  One possibility would include using an easement to Manitou Drive which triggers issues about impact on that neighbourhood and impact on that road currently designed to serve a couple dozen homes.