Facilities Review/Information

Tuesday, April 23 6-8PM there is a facilities review of several Township facilities: the Kettleby Pottageville Hall, Pottageville Pavilion, the Schomberg Arena and Schomberg Community Centre.  I anticipate that it will include information about current usage, costs, structural status and options.  Meeting is at Municipal Centre, King City.

Shuttle Schedule for Volunteer Appreciation Evening

Volunteers have been nominated and selected for acknowledgment at the 2019 Volunteer Appreciation Night.  You are invited to join the celebration of these volunteers.  The big night is Thursday, April 25; ceremony begins at 7 PM.  Given attendance other years we expect a crowd; shuttles have been arranged to facilitate parking off site.  .  Details for the shuttle are below.


Studio Tour April 27, 28 in beautiful King

This coming weekend is the annual studio tour.  You can find artists and their work in a variety of venues across the Township on Saturday and Sunday from 10AM to 5 PM.  Learn more about the event here.  At each venue you will be able to pick up an informative, attractive pamphlet with detailed information about the participants; but until you have the hard copy in your hands you can review it here. 

Agricultural & Economic Development

At Council on April 15 there will be a presentation on Agriculture and Agri-Business  from an economic development perspective.  I anticipate that this will be very interesting.  It is early in the agenda so if you want to hear it I suggest you be there shortly after 6 pm.

Capital Budget 2020-2022

On April 15 agenda there is a report confirming modifications to the capital budget for 2020-2022.  As indicated the total value of the capital budgets is not being modified vs what was presented in March 18 budget (both operating and capital budget for 2019-2022) but there has been some changes in terms of how and when projects will be done.  In all cases, the modifications achieve allocation of more capital dollars to roads.