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Brownsville Junction: 4 new townhouses on flood plain

On Council agenda for 10/30 there is a Planning Report regarding an application for 4 town homes to be built at Cooper Drive and Dr. Kay. Given that approval of the requested Official Plan Amendment and the zoning bylaw amendment results in residential being built on what is flood plain, an identified Environmental Constrain Area, I am very uncomfortable with the report as it stands.  In last 4 months we have seen the impact of building on flood plains.  I need to understand far more why we would be approving this application at this stage.  As indicated there are numerous conditions still to be addressed before they could commence construction; why don’t we wait until those conditions are met?

Committee Of Adjustment: Review by Planning

Planning Department is proposing to engage more routinely in the Committee of Adjustment (CofA) process.  The latter is the process whereby property owners request “minor variances,” in addition to consent/severance applications.  To date Planning Staff do provide advice on the latter to the Committee but do not for the former.  For reasons identified in the report I believe their plan to provide advice for minor variances is very welcomed.  But, I do wonder about the effort to do so and if it is feasible within current budget.   Here is report.  

As indicated, the ultimate decision on minor variance still rests with the Committee.

Koffler Scientific Reserve

There are many “activities” in King which make me proud.  The work being done at Koffler Scientific Reserve is one of them.  At the Koffler, there is ongoing research projects, including studies in forest ecology, soil ecology, biological invasions, plant defenses, fungal biodiversity, pollinating insects, plant reproductive ecology, and ecological impact of global change.  Research is not being done exclusively by University of Toronto ( of which the Koffler is part of) but also by institutes in other countries.  To do this work, infrastructure at the site is required.  But, as the Reserve is in core Oak Ridges Moraine significant attention to such development is required.  At 5/29 Council there is the statutory public meeting for the required zoning by-law amendment to allow the identified infrastructure requirements. Its quite evident that a research entity with focus on the environment does not get a “free pass” in terms of building infrastructure.  Good, very good to see; but at same time we need to enable the research to happen.  You can read the report here.  As always, this is the time to ask questions, to identify concerns.

New Town Hall Update

At Council on 5/29 there is a staff report recommending that we approve an Official Plan Amendment related to our plan to build a new town hall at 2585 King Road.   As I have explained in prior posts this step has been required by the OMB.  I anticipate that Council will approve the proposed OPA; assuming it is not appealed we will be able to issue requests for proposals to make a bid on constructing the building in July.

OPA for New Town Hall Project

At Council on May 15th there is the statutory public meeting for the Official Plan Amendment (OPA) to allow the redevelopment of 2585 King Road to enable the  building  the new Town hall and police substation. As reviewed in the report the OPA has been required by the OMB as a prerequisite for approving the zoning by-law amendment.  One advantage of this unanticipated process is the identification of the extent to which our proposed development will result in an improved environmental footprint versus status quo.   I knew that our concept was positive in this regard but I had not appreciated how good it was. (See below for some details.) This does demonstrate how redeveloping brownfield sites (i..e where there was once development) offers valuable opportunities. Here is the report.

Here are some of the ecological improvements which are achieved by our plan for the site.

  • new development is more compact than previous (i.e. Holy Name School)  it does not go beyond previous disturbed area and in fact retreats from the boundaries of disturbance.
  • previous zoning was institutional and environmental protection (EP); with our development 40% of the site will be converted from institutional to EP; ultimately 70% of the site will be EP.
  • playing fields are being converted to EP with a reforestation program which will improve linkages to abutting woodlands.

Keele/Clearview Development: Public Meeting

Public meeting for a development on Keele at Clearview is being held at Council on May 8th.  In early March the developer hosted a open house with objective of giving community insight into their plans and to hear feedback.  The May 8th meeting is the statutory public meeting required by the Planning Act.  This is the opportunity for public to identify issues & concerns; ultimately if/when there is a report from Staff recommending that the development should proceed, all issues will need to be addressed.  Here is the public meeting report.  Frankly I am disappointed that the developer seems to have ignored all feedback given at its open house n March.


Crossing Eaton Hall Creek

The public information session (PIC) held on 2/19 to review options for crossing Eaton Hall Creek in the King City East development has generated some good questions.  Specifically, questions/concerns about inclusion of options involving connection to Tawes Trail for the required local roads.  As Norm said in his comment to me inclusion of such was surprising as Council has given very specific direction to not make such a connection.  (I have posted Norm’s question in comments on lower right side of home page.)


Mary Lake Subdivision: moving forward

There is recommendation on 2/27 Council  which will move forward the Mary Lake subdivision; specifically, the issuance of building permits will soon be occurring.  I will be asking a couple questions about the most westerly portion of the subdivision (Block 88).

LCBO Signage in King City

A Staff report on 2/6 Council agenda addresses the issue of signage for LCBO to be opened in the Kingridge Market (west Dufferin/north King Road.); specifically whether all illuminated signs need to be illuminated by external sources.

There are 2 policies in conflict which come into play.   1st: there is the familiar challenge of a business setting up as a corporate brand;  as one would expect corporate HQ wants uniformity across the land  and accordingly they want to use internal illumination.  2nd:  We included signage details in our site plan for the Kingridge Market in 2013 and those details included no internal illumination.  The latter was driven by our overall intent for high standard of design for the Market Place.


Development on Station Road: information session

Wednesday, February 1 from 7-8PM there is a information session hosted by a developer with property on north side of Station Road in King City.  This is an opportunity for the public to learn about the application and aske questions, make comments directly with the developers and/or their agent.  This is NOT the the statutory public meeting which is chaired by the Mayor in Council; this meeting will be in next month and will be advertised in local paper.  The February 1st meeting is at the King City Arena, 2nd floor in the Lions’ Den.