COVID-19 Updates

On the advice of the Chief Medical Officer of Health and with the approval of the Ontario legislature, the Ontario government is extending the Declaration of Emergency under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act for a further 28 days until May 12. The extension of the provincial declaration of emergency allows Ontario to continue to enforce current emergency orders, such as the closure of all non-essential workplaces, outdoor amenities such as parks and recreational areas, public places and bars and restaurants, as well as restrictions on social gatherings of more than five people, and prohibitions against price-gouging.

If you have concerns that there are violations of the emergency legislation’s rules,  contact [email protected] or 905 933 4002.  Bylaw will investigate and as appropriate provide education.  For more information on By-law’s authority go to this page and scroll down to By-law section.


Spring Cleaning

It seems to be in our DNA to spring clean…even when there is a pandemic.  Here is a summary of what will be done in King.  Happily some of our traditional programs to clean up will proceed, such as street sweeping and the annual spring flushing of our water mains in the villages.  Yard waste pick,which has already begun, will continue.  But our annual  promotion of a community and neighbour garbage pick up on our roads can’t proceed as usual as the first priority is breaking the COVID-19 chain; physical distancing must continue. And the personal clean-up in our homes must be modified because the traditional outlets for our own personal used but still usable “stuff” are shutdown ; we need to hold onto it until these outlets open up.  Please do not drop stuff off at donation bins as they are not being emptied.

Which Gvt. does what?

​Navigating the different levels of government is difficult in the best of times.  a guide to help Here is a guide to understand exactly which levels of government are responsible for different services during the COVID-19 pandemic.  I am very glad that our Staff put together this guide; all levels are wanting to help but each level does have very specific responsibilities.


Celebrating without being together

We are all so focused on the pandemic; let us not forget to celebrate our important events, our rituals.  Because of the pandemic the way we celebrate will undoubtedly be different in most cases as we are unable to congregate with others.  This reality is particularly poignant over the next few days as many will be wanting to keep the spirit of Passover or to celebrate Easter.  To those celebrating these events I hope you are able to participate in a satisfying way.


Important Updates from King and YR


Recognizing the level of effort and complexity of organzing events of this magnitude, and in consideration of all the best advice from public health officials, the Township is taking to following action:

postpone or cancel all public and private events at municipal facilities or parks up to and including Canada Day.

Full removal of ice at Trisan until June 30. There will be no spring season.

Full cancellation of the spring program schedule (April to June)


To address concerns regarding the two Longo’s locations in the City of Vaughan where staff have tested positive for COVID-19 (7 staff tested positive at the 9200 Weston Road location and 1 staff at the 2810 Major Mackenzie Drive location), York Region is posting information to the public exposure section of the website today.

Continue to monitor and respond to social media feedback regarding yesterday’s closure of the York Regional Forests