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Development North of Dennison on Keele

At 11/14 Council meeting there is a public meeting for a development application on east side of Keele just north of  Dennison.  As indicated in Staff report there is interest in seeing more diversity of housing forms in King City; hence this application for 18 townhome common element condominium units is very interesting.  Having said that I can see that there are some serious issues with the application as it is today, including substantially inadequate vegetation protection zone from natural heritage features.  You can read the report here.  This is the time for public to voice their concerns, ask questions.

In addition to the inadequate buffer zones I am disappointed in the architecture.  Too much of our recent builds include steep peaked roofs and gables; and as pointed out by one person already, this style is not in keeping with King City heritage.  I am also keen to see that development for the property in this application be partnered, at least from a planning stage, with the property to the north.


At October 17 Council there is a public meeting for a development application for property on Keele north of Station Road including the site often referred to as the former potato chip factory.  I consider this application to be exciting as it propose to create what is very much needed in King City:  alternative housing forms.  The specific location is the right place for a development featuring stacked townhomes given its proximity to GO station.  As reviewed in the report there are some critical challenges before approval is achieved related to accessing the property.

As I read over the report and looked at the renderings a couple very positive aspects stand out.  Plan shows 16 one bedroom units (which is 25% of all the units). This will be of interest to those starting to live (more…)

Greenbelt or….swiss cheese?

The review of the Growth Plan and Conservation Plans is coming to a close.  I have written about it several times.  Last week shocking news was released; in addition to considering policy changes the Province has received 650 requests from developers and municipalities to remove lands from the Protected Countryside of the Greenbelt.  The number is shocking but also is the fact that the Province may make decisions to approve without quality public consultation; the public should not have to comb through the Environmental Registry to find requests in order to communicate concerns to the Province.

Here is map showing some (1/3) of the requests.  There are at least 20 requests from land owners in King Township to take 520 hectares out of the Protected Countryside.  (I say “at least” as only 1/3 of the (more…)

“new” developments in King City

There are 3 development projects proposed for King City which are being presented in October.

Two of them are public information sessions hosted by the developer.  Purpose is to show interested community members  the concept that the developer is proposing to build; and to give the public an opportunity to speak directly with the developer or its agent to ask questions, to provide feedback. After these sessions there will be a public meeting for each at a Council meeting (The latter meetings are  statutory ones required by the Planning Act); dates are yet to be determined.

  • For northwest corner of King Rd/King Blvd there is a proposal.  Information session is Wed. Oct. 12 7-9PM at King City Arena.  Here are more details.
  • South of Kingscross with frontage on Jane and King Road there is proposal called Mansions of King. Information session is Wed. Oct. 26 7-9PM at King City Seniors Centre (30 Fisher St., King City.)  Here are more details; note that there is a presentation at 7:30

And there is  1 public meetings scheduled for Monday Oct. 17 Council.   (This is the statutory one required by the Planning Act,)  At this meeting the Planning Staff present their assessment of the project called KeeleOne and comments about the application; and the public has the opportunity to make a deputation  indicating support, questions/comments, opposition.  The proposal is to rezone the land for mixed use, medium density residential

If someone wants to make a deputation they do not need to register in the Council Chamber; if someone cannot attend they can mail in their comments.  About 5 days before the public meeting the Staff report is posted on the Township website as part of the Council agenda; specifically, for the 10/17 Council, the agenda, including the Staff report on this development will be published about Oct. 12 or 13.


Protected Lands Increase in Size

On September 26 there is Public Meeting at Council regarding a proposal to convey 10.5 hectares from private ownership to the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). This is the kind of public meeting which I truly enjoy!  When NCC acquires property it implements conservation and stewardship activities to help sustain the forest.  If this acquisition is completed conserved lands in Happy Valley Forest will total 313 hectares (773 acres).  Here is the report detailing specifics land, location etc.